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BK's 1st W30!


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Ok, I am going to try and be diligent with this log to evaluate this process and understand more about myself, so here goes:




Breakfast-2 cups bulletproof coffee made with coconut oil and ghee, with a splash of coconut milk


Lunch-2 leftover grassfed burgers with compliant ketchup, mustard, and some pickles, 2 cups diced watermelon


Dinner-hash with uncured bacon, red and green pepper, onion, 2 overeasy eggs, and half of an avocado


Water intake was on the low side, and I am just not hungry always at breakfast. I work 12 hour night shifts 3 times a week, and sometimes my eating schedule gets weird.


Thoughts and feelings: I am proud of myself today! I entered into this program with a clear mind. I made my boys cupcakes and didn't even want one. I am feeling good about the choices I have made today.


Tomorrow: I want to eat protein at breakfast (every meal, actually), get in more veggies, increase my water intake, and successfully navigate a night shift on the whole30.


Here's hoping my future and imminent sugar hangover clears quickly  :P

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Do you have a copy of the recommended meal template? For best results, design each of your meals to follow this template of protein, vegetables and fat at all meals.


Specific feedback to help you do your best:
- Avoid using bulletproof coffee as a meal replacement for two reasons: one: it's not a meal (only coffee and fat), and two: if you're having caffeine before you eat food, that works as an appetite suppressant.  If you're going to have bulletproof coffee, have it as part of or after a template-based meal.

- Don't let fruit push vegetables off your plate. Aim for 1-3 cups of veggies per meal, and have those before adding fruit.

- Check to confirm your pickles are compliant (some are packaged with sulfites or other nasties).

- Check to confirm your bacon is compliant


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Yes, I realized my morning coffee has not been my friend and I'm definitely changing this. The bacon and pickles were compliant-I checked beforehand :) 


This has already been such a learning process for me! I have been great about following the template today and hopefully in the future as well! Thanks guys!

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Breakfast: 2 cups cold brewed coffee, one cup of which had 1/2c coconut milk added, 4 eggs scrambled, 1 link compliant chicken and apple sausage and 1 cup cherries


Lunch: 3 cups spring greens with 1.5Tbsp approved raspberry vinaigretter with half a red pepper and half of a green pepper, one peach, and 1 approved chicken and apple sausage link


Dinner: Homemade chili with grassfed ground beef with extra tomatoes and GT's Trilogy kombucha


Water intake was solid throughout the day


Thoughts: I am still awaiting my sugar hangover-I know it's coming, but I am expecting it! Otherwise I'm still feeling positive and strong about the program. I have been a little nauseated and my appetite hasn't been super today either.


Tomorrow: I will be even more aware of my coffee habit-I discovered that I have been using my bulletproof coffee as a meal, instead of an addtion to a full meal. I will be better about protein at every meal (I just noticed my lunch had minimal protein). I did up my veggie intake today, but I definitely want to keep the momentum I'm building into improving my eating habits further. Tomorrow is a new day and I've learned so much already! I thought I had relatively good eating habits while I was "trying", but now I see that wasn't always the case...oh well-onward and upward I guess! Have a great day, everyone!

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Hi! Can I ask about the chicken apple sausage? Do you make it or buy it? And if buy, what brand is it? I'm wondering if I could find it in my country and a brand would help me look.

Have a great day two and good luck for day three, hopefully without a bad sugar-hangover :)

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Hi! Can I ask about the chicken apple sausage? Do you make it or buy it? And if buy, what brand is it? I'm wondering if I could find it in my country and a brand would help me look.

Have a great day two and good luck for day three, hopefully without a bad sugar-hangover :)

The brand I bought is called Aidell's and the ingredient list is whole30 compliant. I actually bought it at my local Walmart! Good luck :)

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Breakfast:4 scrambled eggs with 2 links chicken and apple sausage, 1 cup cherries, and a bottle of GT Trilogy kombucha


coffee-just black today :) and coconut water


Lunch/Dinner: grilled chicken with red, yellow, green, and orange peppers and some guacamole on the side; big green salad with raspberry vinaigrette


Working nights means a lot of repetition, but it takes the pressure off me and cooking! It also makes me wonder if this is enough calories, but I'm not hungry a lot of times.


My water intake was not so great, but I worked last night and tonight, which really messes with my eating (and sleeping, obviously!)


Thoughts: I haven't had too much of a hangover feeling and have a decent amount of energy. I also noticed that at the end of my night shift I always used to have some swelling and puffiness of my hands and feet. Since starting my w30 I have had NONE! That's pretty awesome to me :) And even though I reeeeeaallllly wanted to step on the scale today, I resisted. I will be compliant with this!!


Tomorrow-keep working on the water intake and veggie intake, but otherwise I'm happy with how things are going!

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Flaked coconut-about a cup throughout the day for snacking

1 cup cherries

1 peach

handful of olives

4 figs

2 cups steamed broccoli

9oz steak





Ugh. Today was tough. I worked the night before, then went to bed until 2pm. Then I waited too long before I ate a real meal and I had a headache and major grouchiness!! Lesson learned, I guess! It also made me crave so many things, especially sweets and carbs, so my day was pretty heavy on carbs unfortunately. Plus, I know I didn't eat enough food. My water intake was on the low side too. I went to the store today and it was a minefield of triggers! I went hungry, too, so EVERYTHING sounded delicious and I really wanted anything sweet, but I resisted! Everyone else in my house ate Drumsticks for dessert which was tough. 




I definitely need to watch my water intake, EAT MORE VEGGIES, and not fall into the same trap by waiting too long to eat. I will focus on the template instead of letting myself get out of control. I'm glad I'm learning all of these lessons about myself and my food relationships.

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The need for snacking can be an indication that your earlier meals aren't big enough.  Play with your protein, veg and fat portions until you create meals that satiate you for 4-5 hours.  You want to avoid snacking throughout the day, to help you gain proper hormonal balance.


If you are genuinely hungry in between meals (litmus test: you could eat something bland like steamed fish and broccoli), have a mini-meal that contains a protein and fat. Save your fruit to have with or immediately after your main meals only.

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2c Brussels sprouts roasted with compliant bacon, olive oil, s&p

3 cups of coffee with compliant coconut milk and coconut oil




giant bowl of salad with red and green peppers, olives, tomatoes, uncured pepperoni dressed with olive oil and Italian seasoning




grilled T-bone steak

more salad from above

4 figs


Thoughts: I feel much better about my eating today-I am happy with my veggie intake. Water consumption was great. I definitely know I ate enough today and have been satisfied. I've had minimal cravings like yesterday and only ate a small amount of fruit compared to yesterday. Today I'm otherwise feeling pretty sluggish and foggy, with some bouts of irritability. I've also had a headache for the majority of the day, which could be delayed sugar withdrawal or maybe dehydration from yesterday. It certainly isn't anything I'm concerned about, just something to work through. I went on a hike with my family, which was nice.


Tomorrow: Keep this momentum going! Make sure to keep water and veggie intake up. Try to get a run or other physical exercise into my day. Otherwise, I'm still so happy to be staying successful on this whole30 journey :)


Happy 4th of July everyone!

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Breakfast- 2 cups coldbrew coffee with half a can of compliant coconut milk


Lunch-2 grassfed burgers with grilled onions and mushrooms, compliant coleslaw


Dinner-more of my awesome Italian salad, plus 3 figs and another burger


Thoughts: I was on the go this morning, so I definitely didn't start the day out the best. We went to a farmer's market that had tons of vendors and amazing food, all of which sounded good, yet not good enough to throw all my hard work away on day 6 ;) My water intake was good throughout the day. My headache and grumpiness is dissipating, thank goodness! I did ok, but I am still wanting to snack mindlessly-I almost bought some pork rinds to snack on, but decided that I wasn't truly hungry and so eating them would defeat the purpose of learning how NOT to mindlessly snack! 


Tomorrow: Eat breakfast! Try to experiment with other proteins (my husband grilled some chicken thighs that I'm excited to try tomorrow). Stay up on my water intake and make something yummy each with the cabbage I bought and also the cucumbers (I already have some ideas...) 


I am still remaining positive and I know this program will not be perfect, but I'm a little disappointed that I keep wanting to repeat my mistakes over and over again. Old habits really do die hard, I guess haha! Oh well, I'm still eating the right foods, which is way better than what I was doing even 7 days ago :)

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Breakfast- Brussels sprouts roasted with olive oil and compliant bacon, cold brew coffee with coconut milk


Lunch-Italian salad as mentioned above, smoothie with fresh pineapple, mango, and coconut milk


Dinner-4 scrambled eggs, 2 links chicken and apple sausage, and avocado salad (1 avocado, 1 cucumber, 1 cup grape tomatoes tossed with lime juice, olive oil, garlic, s&p)


I felt pretty tired today-not sleepy, but just completely without energy! My water intake was good. I even played tennis for about 45 minutes. I am really wanting to step on the scale, but I won't-I don't want a number to dictate my perception of this process.


Tomorrow: try to navigate working night shift and staying up nearly all day successfully. This will be tough, because those are my most challenging days when I tr to get back on a regular schedule. 

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Breakfast-coconut cream pie Larabar (not ideal, but I was stuck in a long meeting after working), hot tea


Lunch-grilled chicken breast with avocado salad from yesterday


Dinner- chicken breast tenders marinated in coconut aminos, garlic, and ginger, giant bowl of rainbow slaw with red and green cabbage, shredded carrots tossed with a dressing made from avocado, coconut milk, garlic, rice wine vinegar, ginger, s&p 


Snack-thick slice of compliant salami and 1 c green grapes, cold brew coffee with coconut milk


I felt myself getting very, very hangry this afternoon! That's why I had the snack while I cooked dinner. My lunch was eaten during work, about 3 am, breakfast was at about 9am, then I got home at 2pm, slept until 4:30pm. I woke up starving and wanted to Kill. All. The. Things. I knew I was just hungry because a lone piece of salami isn't that appetizing to me! My water intake was marginal, but I my schedule gets mixed up when I work nights. 


Tomorrow: Keep up the good work! I am happy that I haven't given in to snacking urges unless it's true hunger and I think of giving in to temptation sometimes, but then I just feel like it's just not worth it to ruin my hard work. I still am fighting the urge to weigh myself, but I want to continue to respect the process and learn to go on how my body is feeling, not a number.

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Breakfast- 4 eggs scrambled, 1c green grapes, coldbrew coffee with 1/2c coconut milk


Lunch (on the go, so not ideal)-larabar, handful of olives, rainbow slaw


Dinner-meatza with tomato paste, tomatoes, green and red peppers, olives


Pretty simple today. My appetite is pretty much nonexistent, so I am really struggling to eat. Water intake was good. A little on the grumpy side still with crazy mood swings at times. I wrote another thread about me fighting the scale and exercising. I am realizing that my relationship with food and exercise is definitely dysfunctional! But I'm here to fix my food issues, so I am determined to use these 30 days to focus on my eating habits and let the exercise demons keep until after the program ends :)


Tomorrow-keep it up! The days get easier and I've been excited to try new recipes. I'm nearly 1/3 finished and I can't believe it!!

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I've skipped this the past couple of days, so here's my log for Days 10-11



DAY 10


Breakfast-coffee with coconut milk. compliant cajun sausage links with 4 scrambled eggs


Lunch-leftover rainbow slaw, handful of olives, larabar


Dinner-chicken chili (a variation on PaleOMG's), cherries


I know that my protein wasn't present at every single meal, but when I sometimes have veggies I just want veggies! I need to work on that. I'm working tonight, so I'm trying to keep well-stocked with options so I don't either starve or dive headfirst into some nachos from the cafeteria! Water intake was fine-I think I may have a handle on keeping that in check.


Tomorrow: focus on good sleep and better meals following the template



DAY 11


Breakfast-larabar and coffee with coconut oil and coconut milk (it was late in my shift at work)


Lunch- large salad with spring greens and an entire cucumber dressed with compliant raspberry vinaigrette, handful of olives, and leftover steak


Dinner-basil and grape tomatoes, handful of cherries ad some banana chips with GT's Trilogy kombucha


Snack on drive home-larabar


Today was tough. I wanted to eat nothing but sweet stuff, because I was tired. This was between night shifts, which I ALWAYS struggle with. I ate entirely too much fruit today and I realize that. Water intake was good, though. I kept thinking that how day 10-11 are the hardest days and initially I thought that was silly until I was going through today and kept thinking of everything I was missing. I tried to refocus, but then all I wanted was the sweetest of the sweet. Someone even brought donuts to work (my favorite kind of course!) and I just ate my tomato and basil. I did take several deep inhalations of donut throughout the night though ;)


Tomorrow: Keep muddling through. IT will get better. I am physically feeling good, strong. Weirdly constipated though. I am anxiously awaiting the tiger blood and boundless energy! 

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Day 12


First off-I came home and got to sleep for 2 1/2 hours before taking my son and a friend to an amusement park. I stayed on plan, but ready was challenged by the environment and my history of always eating junk at one of those places. I really wanted some ice cream or pizza. It wouldn't have even been delicious, as it never is. My brain just wanted to trick me into going back to comfort foods I guess. Silly brain of mine! I don't need comfort food-I need my food as simply fuel!




Breakfast-pepperoni, carrots and guacamole


Lunch-2 burger patties with lettuce and tomato at the park (sadly the pickles and ketchup were noncompliant and there was no mustard to be found). They were kind of burnt and dry, but I choke them down. It was truly my only option. Ugh.


Dinner-9 oz steak with grilled mushrooms and onions, steamed broccoli


I actually did ok. I bought my breakfast at a grocery store on the way to the amusement park and I pretty much stuffed my face the entire drive there (about 35min) I was terrified that would be the only food I could have the entire day! They did have unlimited drink there, so my water intake was good. The lunch was terrible, but compliant. You can't win them all, I guess! The boys had a great time, which was the most important thing!


Tomorrow-I'm hoping to get access to a Whole Foods to get me some Tessemae's. I keep hearing such great things about it and I'm excited since I hate salad plain or even with oil and vinegar dressing. It just grosses me out. I'd rather eat my veggies plain if that's my only option. Also, I hope this constipation is resolved soon. TMI, sorry. kind of. 

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DAY 13


I slept in really late, so I only had 2 meals today. This night shift schedule really messes with eating and mealtimes-no wonder it's associated with so many negative health issues!


Breakfast-coffee with coconut oil and ghee, 2 scrambled eggs and 2 compliant cajun sausage links


Dinner-large burger with grilled onions and mushrooms, handful of sweet potato fries


I was never hungry, but looking back I know I didn't eat enough veggies today. Water intake was good and we were pretty active today-I made that long-awaited trip to Whole Foods (the nearest store to where I live is still a 1 1/2 hour drive:( ) So I definitely made it count! Lots of super yummy items, but I really didn't get too many things off w30 in order not to tempt myself too much. I got 3 types of Tessemae's dressings and their ketchup and some Applegate hot dogs, which made my trip by itself! Now I am totally ready to tackle the 2nd half of this program with new equipment :P 


Tomorrow: MORE VEGGIES, PROTEIN WITH EVERY MEAL I had minimal sugar cravings today, maybe it's because I had protein with each meal? I had no fruit at all today even...Also I need to be wary of the Larabar-it's just too easy to grab and eat, especially since I'm working tomorrow night and want something sweet when I get tired. I should probably leave them at home. Hidden away.

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DAY 14


Breakfast- steak and eggs with hot tea and fresh OJ (out to eat at our favorite breakfast spot at a nearby resort)


Lunch-Applegate hot dog x2, a pear, and a big salad with spinach, spring greens, olives, and broccoli


Snack-larabar and almonds (I forgot to eat before work and I knew it would be a couple of hours before I had the chance


Dinner (at about 3am)- chicken chili and cherries, coldbrewed coffee


Water intake was good. I didn't even get tired through my night shift until the drive home-yikes  :unsure:


Tomorrow- halfway point!!! Keep eating protein with meals, since that has totally helped with the sweet cravings. Yes! Finally!

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Breakfast-pecan larabar and almonds on the road home


Lunch-2 applegate hot dogs, cherries, olives, coffee, coconut water


Dinner-big salad with spinach, greens, olives, tomatoes, uncured pepperoni and tessemaes, 3 figs


Water intake was good no hunger or cravings between meals


Tomorrow-keep trying for more veggies! I get to do some meal prep which is great. Also, my constipation is gone haha! I have good energy too! Keep moving forward :)

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Actually yes-I work at night and my daytime sleep has been crappy until now. I still don't sleep awesome, but it's way better than waking up every hour feeling like a flipping truck ran me over! When I sleep at night, I don't always go to bed tired, just when I know it's bedtime and I fall asleep within minutes. This is crazy, since I frequently had to use some sleep aid to help me fall asleep before.


The high energy has just hit on days 14-15. I have been super productive and ready to tackle anything! I hope this totally continues-if so it will be all worth it!


I'm hoping for some weight loss on w30, but I am holding strong and waiting out the 30 days before I step on that scale. In doing this w30, I found out my relationship with exercise/overexercise was just as dysfunctional as my relationship with food. It was so bad that I wouldn't even work out unless I knew I would burn a certain number of calories. How horrible is that? A run just wasn't good enough unless it was a minimum of 4 miles, etc. But then I'd drink a bottle of wine or 6 beers as a reward. So crazy! So I decided that exercise was not going to sabotage this journey and I only work out when I truly want to, in order to truly focus on the food. This means I have been on one hike and played tennis with my husband once. Sometimes I think it's not nearly "good enough", but I try to focus on how much I'm learning about myself and building positive habits instead. 


I'm sure that's more than a mouthful, but...it's the truth :)

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DAY 16


Breakfast-4 scrambled eggs, a pear, coldbrew coffee with coconut milk


Lunch-charbroiled chicken breast, beef tips, giant salad with carrots, broccoli, olives, cucumber )and no dressing, which I hate:( boo!!!!!)


Snack (too long between meals, in the car)- kombucha and larabar


Dinner-3 applegate hot dogs (I might be addicted), big salad with spinach, olives, uncured pepperoni, tomatoes, and Tessemae's lemon garlic


Water intake was good. I slept great last night, going to bed not even tired but being able to fall asleep within minutes! I woke up rested, with good energy. No mental fog, either. Is this the tiger blood stage?? If so, I am LOVING it! I am having some anxiety about my upcoming period. I am just interested to see how my hormones are going to present me with my monthly gift this month lol


Tomorrow-KEEP IT UP! My veggie intake was awesome, and I am just really feeling great! YES!  :D  :D  :D

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DAY 17 (how is that even possible??)


Breakfast-burger with mustard and pickles, coffee


Lunch-burger, homemade cabbage slaw with coconut aminos, ginger, s&p, cherries


Snack-almond butter and celery


Ok, today was a challenge. It's our week for the 4H fair and my son shows a horse. Events started at 10 this morning, so I had to get up and pack some things to eat. My dad has his horse trailer out at the fairgrounds, so I asked if he could also bring a grill. So I made some slaw with leftover cabbage and made my own burger patties for us to eat for lunch.The problem is that I had a work meeting last night from 5-9pm (ugh) and that is in a different time zone for me. I was waiting until the last minute to see Aidan show as much as I could and spaced on eating dinner. I know I didn't eat enough today and I have a headache to prove it. Water intake was good, though.  Energy level is still pretty high! No cravings for 'fair food' at all other than thinking it's weird not eating this crap this week. I did ok planning, but still could have done better.


Tomorrow-eat, drink, clean, read. I need to eat enough, drink enough, clean my house and read some of my awesome new books I bought! And then work the night shift... :)

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