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Set some goals, Deb


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So I have a log over in that forum, but I haven't written down any specific goals just yet. Here goes:

1. Cut the diet sodas.

This is a mandatory part of whole30 but it's something I want to do permanently. Unsweetened tea and coffee are okay for me (I usually have half a cup of coffee and a full cup of tea a day), I'm not terribly concerned with caffeine, but diet soda is

  • expensive
  • weird addictive chemical poison
  • bad for a sugar hound

After a little over a week, I feel it's somethign I can get used to. And I was NOT an occasional diet coke drinker. It was my lifeblood.

2. Get used to real food

I know that seems like a silly goal, but from where I started, it's huge. A week ago, I would have rather had ANYTHING but steak or chicken for supper. Last night I devoured 3 chicken thighs like nobody's business. Now to cook my own fish without frying it in cornmeal like dear old Dad (who also catches the fish) taught me so well.

3. Stop grazing; eat when I'm hungry

I'm a snacker. Snack between B&L, snack between L&D, snack after D, and most of the time I'm so full by dinner I'll only eat the fun part (aka give the meat to my husband, eat some of the salad and diet ice cream for dessert). I'll allow myself something if I'm actually hungry, but when it's just habit I need to cut the crap. Yesterday I had no snacks!

4. Lose some weight

By changing my relationship with food. I'm not fat because I eat too much, I'm fat because I eat too much because I have a messed up relationship with the wrong kinds of food.

5. Stop using food as a reward

So far I've rewarded myself with a couple of cheap clothing treats. Yoga time and a manicure are up next when I make it through week 2.

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Good goals! I'm going to have to make sure I don't fall back into the diet soda trap when I'm done, too. I love Diet Dr. Pepper. Especially on the weekends with some rum. I feel like I'm going to have a really hard time after my whole30 not having it again. It's one of those things that once you start drinking it, it's hard to stop. And I mean the diet soda, not the rum. ;)

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Do you like soda water/perrier at all? It is admittedly boring at first but eventually you start getting creative with the mix ins - lemon, lime, a strawberry, etc. Off of Whole30 I occaisionally add small splashes of OJ.

It's not meant to be a diet coke replacer but sometimes it's just fun to drink bubbly things, especially when people around you are drinking alcohol.

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I've been off alcohol for more than two years now, but diet coke was my go-to. At home I'll put some fruit in my water or tea... i guess iced tea would be an option but too much caffiene. i have never liked perrier, unfortunately. the closest i can get is flavored la croix

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