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2nd Whole30


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I started my first Whole30 in January of this year, it turned into a Whole50.  I started my second Whole30 on June 1st.  I am currently on Day 31 but it’s been kind of a weird day.  Last night a small tornado hit the town I live in, no damage to my property and no reports of injury; thank God.  After getting a few hours of sleep I woke up and we still had no power.  Breakfast was compliant but didn’t follow the template.  I went to work with no lunch but I managed to put together a pretty decent lunch with a quick trip to the grocery store.  I was really tempted to celebrate another Whole30 by getting some wings and a drink but I decided to stick with it a little longer.


There have been a lot of non-scale victories like sleeping better, acid reflux gone (except for that night I ate 2 bhut jolokia peppers right before bed), etc., but weight loss is still a focus of my endeavors.  Before I started this phase of my life I wasn’t doing Crossfit, I wasn’t doing 80/20 Paleo, I didn’t need to make minor tweaks in my lifestyle.  I needed a complete overhaul!  I was consuming 2,000+ calories a day in pop alone.  I had metabolic syndrome, borderline diabetes, fatty infiltration of the liver, acid reflux, sleep apnea, high cholesterol and a cholesterol ratio of 6.6, insomnia, depression, IBS, etc, etc. 


Awhile back I responded to a Whole30 post about weight loss on the Whole30 and I sent Melissa the most positive, upbeat story of my journey.  I almost didn’t send it because I was afraid it was too much sunshine and roses, but I sent it.  I got back one of those ‘tough love’ responses – because I was too critical of myself!  My first reaction was basically “wow, she has NO idea how bad things are for me right now, that was the most positive I have been about myself in years.  She might have been right but that’s beside the point!  I started this new phase of my life July 2013, a year later and my total weight loss is 105 pounds!  I’ve also run an 8K, a 5K and a Warrior Dash.  I’m still a very picky eater but I did add cauliflower to a few recipes this time around.  I even went to an unplanned Cubs game during this Whole30!  I also got my associates degree in the mail today.  I read the blog post http://whole30.com/2014/06/good-inside/ and I’ve changed my relationship with food, and I’m working on all that other stuff.  

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