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Confession and Success


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So here is the confession: I did not make it to day 30 before I learned my current weight...

I needed to do a follow up appointment at my doctor's office yesterday related to pain issues I have been experiencing. So a trip to the scale was part of the visit. Fact is, I already was thrilled with how loose my clothes were. (A week ago it was clear I needed to get smaller summer capris!).

Last August I was diagnosed as "pre-diabetic". So it was inevitable that in addition to X-rays the doctor would also order testing of Fasting Glucose Levels and Hemoglobin A1c. These numbers MADE MY DAY (The downward trend in my weight is merely the icing on the cake.)

Here is the REAL SUCCESS:

August 20, 2013: Glucose - 90

A1c - 6 (beginning of the danger zone)

Blood pressure 130/90 (with meds!)

Pulse 84

July 1, 2014: Glucose - 76

A1c - 5.4 (now back in the normal range; after just 4 weeks. The test checks levels over past 3 months. So it might have been be lower, except for the fact that 8 weeks of non-Good Food choices were tested too!)

Blood pressure: 114/78 (it has not been this low in more tha 20 years)

Pulse: 64

The results that are not quantifiable but are no less life changing: Less depression, more energy, better sleep, improved memory and incredible clarity in my thinking!

And best of all: I feel like food does not control me anymore.

I am not evangelizing the virtues of this lifestyle, but when people ask I share the info. I am sold and fully committed to rolling into my next Whole30 on Saturday. I love this new feeling and the beginning of my renaissance.

If you are just starting Whole30 all I can say is: BELIEVE! It works!!!

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