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Nicole's 2nd W30 Starts NOW


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Early on day 29, but I am so excited by my finding last night that I had to start posting now. My husband wanted to have a 'date night' - usually, we're either going to the movies or watching a redbox movie in since eating out at restaurants isn't much fun for me. But I decided to do a search to see if there was anything that could work so that we could have a night out together.


And I found Cavé, the first fully paleo restaurant in NJ. And it was only 30 minutes away! Plus, it's not too far from a pinball museum my husband really enjoys, so we could both have a really enjoyable evening. I showed him the website and he was amenable. We liked that the prices were reasonable for decent food, and the ambiance wasn't pretentious at all.


I was thrilled when my server knew what the Whole 30 was and said EVERYTHING on the menu (except for desserts and their BP coffee) was compliant. No restrictions! At a restaurant! I wanted to cry. Anyway, I had the meatloaf with mashed sweet potato and garlicky greens, and he had the bison/duck/egg burger with a sweet potato salad (and a paleo cookie for dessert).


Best. Meal. Ever. I really wish I had known about this place weeks ago! Also, I haven't had many (any?) sweet potatoes on this round of the W30. I think I've been a little bit sensitive about carb intake, but after last night's meal, I just felt good. Calm. No weird dreams. I think I need to start eating at least one a day.


This morning, my stomach was bothering me though - just a little bit, some cramping, nothing major. Even so, I'm kind of bummed that it's day 29 and I'm still not feeling AMAZING. Just gotta keep going down the path and tweaking the diet I guess.


About to head out for step class - no yoga today (cancelled for Easter), so not sure what else I'll do to make the most of my day.


Update: Step class was good, but... Kind of bored today. Not that I have a shortage of things to do in regards to preparing our house for sale and I could get a jumpstart on some work projects - just none really appeal to me in advance of the upcoming work week. I just want to veg out. Might watch some more house of cards.


M1: chicken apple sausage, mashed carrot w/ cinnamon, coffee

M2: tuna, broccoli soup, almonds, grapefruit, coffee

M3 (planned): paleo pad thai

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Well the best thing about the end of second whole 30 is that I can finally put this thread to rest - over one year later. (I actually didn't start logging my first attempt at a second whole 30 here, but I did start again March 2014). There were many tries over the last year before I started logging here again last July. So glad to have it behind me.


So what's good... I wore pants today that I haven't worn in quite some time! I really don't remember when the last time I wore them was.


But man, do I still have a lot of work to do. There's no tiger blood. Having some digestive issues. I still binge eat, just on healthier food. I still crave sugar.


I've decided not to do reintroduction as specified but am taking a break to clear out my cupboards.


A new Whole 30 will start on Monday. I really feel like I know what I'm doing now and am confident I can do this again. So my new goals will be:


- Sticking to the meal template strictly. 3 meals a day with a PWO if needed.

- Going low Fodmap to see if that helps. Also - no nuts, nut/seed butters. Limiting eggs.

- Timing myself during meals - 20 minutes at least! I eat way too fast to recognize I'm full. It's a habit I've had since I was a teenager.


In the meantime, I'm taking some non-compliant supplements (fish oil, a multi-vitamin, and some amino acids). Plus having some on-sale Easter candy.


See you on Monday.

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