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finished up #4 in June!


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Finished the June Whole30 along with a bunch of other people here in the forum. Good stuff. I felt great the entire time (with the exception of Chipotle day) and my skin looks terrific. Trimmed up a bit, dropped about 10 pounds! Boyfriend says he can really see the difference :)


As I go forward through July, my intent is to keep going! I did cave and have sushi on day 31, which I IMMEDIATELY paid for. I was going to make excuses like, "Oh but I have butter that needs to be used!" but I'll just clarify it. And the non-W30 food that's in the freezer? It can stay there a bit longer.


As I'm out of town to travel during the latter half of this month, I may add a little bit of dairy back in (it's easier that way), and then eliminate it again for August.


Congrats to everyone who got through June! Wishing everyone continued success and all the best!

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