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Medroxyprogesterone (Depo) made from Soy?!?!


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Prescribed medications are exempt from whole30 rules. While you may want to rethink your birth control method for other reasons, you are not required to do so to complete a whole30. 


I took Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo for 3 years (two whole30's) and found out it had lactose in it. When I went AIP to try and put my psoriasis into remission, i changed to Portia, which is I think the only lactose-free BC pill out there (there is lactose in the "reminder" pills, but I skip those). I changed because I wanted to make absolutely sure that I wasn't sensitive to lactose and I couldn't do that unless I removed it completely from my diet. I didn't even cook with ghee or clarified butter.


However, for general whole30 purposes, changing or stopping prescribed medications is not necessary.

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Depo is the devil... I've gain over 50 pounds due to being on depo for years and my mood kept increasingly getting worse on a consistent basis. Not to mention the menopausal effect it had on my body. I've been off Depo for almost two months and can already feel a difference in my body and moods. Switched to the Mirena which is low dose hormones.

Just my thoughts :) 

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