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Starting Whole30 tomorrow!

Bree H

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Hi all, I'm Bree and I'm so excited to start my first Whole30 tomorrow that I can barely contain myself. Feels like the last day of school! I went shopping today and was amazed at how drastic the change in my cart was. Before reading ISWF I would have said I was a pretty healthy eater...what a change in perspective!

Super excited to learn about new foods and how my body reacts to clean eating. My one concern is that I'm nursing my 3-month-old, and I hope that dropping my usual morning oatmeal won't negatively impact my supply. (My lactation consultant recommended oatmeal as a galactalogue.) I'm optimistic!

Off to prep meals for Day 1 - I'm loosely following Nom Nom Paleo's menu plans. Cheers!

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