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Whole30 Complete - the "old person" version :)


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First of all, thanks to the Whole9/Whole30 team for putting all of the right information together and sharing with so many people! I just completed, as a nearly 59 year old (gasp!), my first Whole30. As a happy "side effect" of going through the program to determine possible reasons for indigestion, bloating, etc. I lost 12 pounds and regained my love of good food and cooking that I lost somewhere about 25 years ago. I tried to reintroduce some of the items that were taken out of my diet during the Whole30, but actually not most as I don't really feel it necessary, don't miss them, etc. 


I thought I was eating healthily - really not much fried food, or heavily processed foods, or junk...bought as much as possible at farm markets and from organic producers. But I had lost my way - the way I USED to eat years ago before I, well, forgot what I was really doing!


I discovered over 30 days that my BIGGEST demon was/is sugar - raw, refined, added, hidden - you name it. I was like a junkie in withdrawal for the first week, still heavily craving but dealing with it for the second week, still thinking about it constantly but handling it by the third week, and really over it by the fourth. 


Before/after photos attached!


Continuing to cook either Whole30 or Paleo, and loving it! 


The Runaway Mom





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