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Jennifer's Whole30 Experience (start date: 7 July 2014)


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Day 2 done!  :)  I want to journal throughout this journey, so I can look back and see where I was. I had a minor headache yesterday from the caffeine withdrawal but it wasn't as bad as I've had in the past, so hopefully that means I wasn't drinking too much caffeine before I started this. lol  I usually only have 1 cup of coffee when I'm getting ready in the morning and 1 diet Dr. Pepper after lunch. These 2 days haven't been too bad. I know there will be hard days, so I'm just trying to keep focused on the things that will get me through. The most important thing is God. Hillsong has a song that says, "I called, you answered. You came to my rescue and I want to be where you are." I LOVE those words. We sang those words in church when I was praying asking God to show me if he wanted me to start the Whole30 this week. It was perfect timing. He's so amazing and I'm so thankful for him!!!


Hope everyone has a wonderful night!

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