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Indian Mum - Whole 30 - July 5


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I am very new here. Last couple of days I have been reading and educating myself. Trying to change my lifestyle and looks like this is a great place to start.  :)


Starting today - July 5th! Wish me luck everyone. 


I think I have read a lot but please let me know if you see any anomalies.


Breakfast: Omelette stuffed with mushroom and tomatoes




Snack 1



Lunch: Salmon with green beans and mango salsa






Dinner: TJ chicken sausage with mango salsa



Snack: Nut mix


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I know the moderators are no longer following these logs, and since you asked, I will put in my two cents worth.

Use the template: hang it in your kitchen where you can see it. You have made great compliant choices in food but You are lacking fats in your meals. (I had a really hard time getting my mind to understand that fats are ok - even beneficial)

Are you eating the snacks because you are hungry? (You will be hungry if you don't eat enough fat and protein with your meal). Try to get to where you are eating three meals a day. If you are hungry between times, have a mini meal (protein, fat, and veg).

Eat your fruit with a meal or directly after (not alone as a snack) and don't let it push your veg off your plate.

Welcome to the w30! And good luck on your journey!

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Thanks Karen for your feedback and support. :) Will try to incorporate more fat. I cannot eat a lot at one time, hence I snack. Hope that is ok.


Day 2


Breakfast - eggs, mango, tea (no sugar)



Lunch - Salad with pesto chicken



Snack - Nuts 



Dinner - leftover salmon and beans







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