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First Whole 30 starts today

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Hi all,


I've started this topic as an aide to myself more than anything else really. To make use of the kind of "virtual accountability buddy" of the forum.


So a little about me: I am 42 years old and live in Australia having moved there from the UK around 2 1/2 years ago. I am married with a 1 year old son.


I have done CrossFit on and off for around 2 years. On and off due to a back injury and more recently breaking my collarbone coming off my bike. I am back training now which is good.


Diet-wise I "discovered" paleo shortly after starting CrossFit (as is often the case) and was reasonably strict for around 5-6 months and have gradually slipped further and further away from strict. A couple of years ago; a morning tea at work was easy for me to just decline all the food there whereas now I think "why not?" and have a slice of cake or whatever. I would say I eat paleo (including some dairy) around 80% of the time.


My biggest dietary issue is alcohol in that I have WAY too much of it - drinking wine almost every night with only a few exceptions. To not have a glass of wine for 30 days will for me probably be the hardest part of the whole 30. Which probably means the most important and beneficial part!


I only made the decision this morning to do the whole 30 now as I had a bit of an epiphany moment and decided to change my life. That means I need to do some serious shopping this evening - although we do have some good food in the house.


So today's lunch was a steak with swede, spinach, cauliflower and courgette. Not sure what dinner will be yet!


I intend to post every day of the 30 days - as I said above; this is for my own accountability purposes.


Good luck to everyone else doing it!

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Day 2 complete.


I had a wobble after a stressful day at work and an unhappy son where I was very tempted to open some wine but got through it. Surprisingly (to me at least) I feel a bit happier having had a wobble - knowing that I didn't give in.


Dinner last night was what my wife called "pork surprise"; pork mince, tomatoes, olives, onions, capsicums, capers & celery. Very nice too and left-overs for lunch today.


Still feeling pretty normal at 08:25 on day 3.

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Day 3 complete.


Still could have cheerfully opened a bottle of wine last night but didn't. Not really a "wobble" like teh previous evening.


Another similar dinner of beef in a tomato sauce with vegetables.


Still feeling normal - am expecting some less-than-normal things to kick in soon!

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