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Sugar cravings and insulin levels

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I noticed something this past weekend.  I had lunch (a nice big salad with some WF2 braised short ribs).  And after I finished, I had a sugar craving.  It annoyed me, but was no surprise since I still have them frequently.  I started to do the dishes and clean the kitchen (keeping busy really helps me through the craving.)  I know that my cravings last about 20 minutes.  If I can keep busy during that time, they subside.  But what I noticed with this particular craving was after the 20 minutes were over, I got a nice big energy burst.


It was like my body wanted the sugar, but since none came, it went ahead and started burning something else to kick up my energy.


I would be curious to check blood sugar and insulin levels at various points pre/during/post craving and see what's going on.


Anyone know?

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