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Kelly F's Finding My Strength - 1st Time Whole30 Journal

Kelly F

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Hi Y'all -- My name is Kelly and I am 43, married, mom of three kids - (3, 8 and 10) and one new puppy. I live in a suburb of Atlanta. I work out a lot, play competitive tennis and am in process of launching several business ventures.

I am on day 5 of Whole 30 and it's going really well. I would have started journal on day 1, but only stumbled across the journals yesterday.

Why I started Whole 30

-- I've always been a primal eater (primal blue print) but wanted to take it to the next level with paleo.

-- Vanity speaking --- I'd LOVE to lose 5lbs+. This past year (I was on a hiatus from primal eating) I gained about 8 lbs and none of my favorite clothes fit anymore.

-- This is the anniversary of a very low period in my life. I suffered from pretty severe depression last year at this time. It lasted a few months, and then I rebounded back to my upbeat self. I've felt great ever since. However, I feel really compelled to mark the 1 year anniversary of my depression with very positive life changes.

-- An interesting tidbit, In the past month, I've gone from drinking 6 diet cokes a day to 0! I really thought I would have to find a Diet Coke Rehab facility, but I managed to just go cold turkey. I do miss my shiny silver friend :( but I'm committed to giving it up!

Days 1-4

-- Days 1-4 have gone really well.

-- I am super excited to try all the new recipes. I received my copy of Well Fed yesterday and can't wait to dig in. I did make Well Fed the mashed cauliflower yesterday and it was great. I've also cooked a rib recipe from Nom Nom Paleo which was great and a crockpot whole chicken and stuff pepper recipe from Everyday Paleo. They have all been outstanding.

-- I am training for a half marathon in November, so I've been running a lot and lifting but I've always worked out a ton.

-- On Days 1-3, I definitely indulged in Fruit and Nuts too much in between meals. I was much better about that yesterday. It's amazing how good fruit is tasting.

And I have a confession :huh: .... I am still weighing myself. I am a scale addict. Any whoo, I am a bit discouraged that I am up a pound in the last 4 days. I am sure it's probably water weight but still kind of bummed. I know I should get rid of the scale, but think I'd rather lose a limb. Weighing myself keeps me accountable and on track. Maybe it was too many cashews - so yummy!

Lastly, I am not a good sleeper. I wake up every morning between 3:30am - 4am. I kind of love the kid free time, so don't mind it too much. I average about 6 hours a night. I'd love to get that up to 8 hrs which I think I can get 7 when we get back in the school routine and kids go to bed earlier.

Thanks for reading! Today's a big day -- sneak a peek -- we get to meet the new teachers and find out how many friends are in my kids class. This always makes me so nervous!

Have a great day everyone!

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Hi Kelly,

The scale does not make you accountable; it makes you crazy. Get a friend to take it to his/her house and hold it for you while you do your Whole30. Preferably a friend moving to the west coast next week.

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Congratulations on giving up the soda. I know that is a hard one for many people.

I stopped eating sugar regularly a few years ago. I initially ate a little too much fruit (especially dried fruit) in the transition, but it was only a few weeks before I weaned myself off that as well.

Once your system and your taste buds recalibrate, you can eat these things in balance.

And yes, the scale is a crazy-maker for many. Get it out of your house if you cannot stay off it.

Enjoy! And good luck!


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Welcome Kelly... I had a bit of an issue with giving up the scale too, especially since my husband is stepping on it every morning like a little school girl, and then bragging about how much weight he's losing! I started to think of the scale as a demon, like sugar... that did it for me. Good luck, hope you can kick the scale habit, it's as bad, or worse than your Diet Coke habit!

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Well done on ditching the Diet Coke Kelly!

Oh the dreaded scales-I've been a slave to the scales for years-the number on it always had the potential to make or break my day.

I find the 'no scales' bit of Whole30 almost as hard as the no sugar part! It's a struggle! But it certainly makes me focus on the positive way I'm feeling and the energy and lovely calm mood I find myself in these days. It's nice not to be so tied to (and defined by) a number every morning!

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Good Morning Y'all!!!! Happy Saturday !!!

Tom (my fellow Atlantan), Derval (how cool you are in Dublin!), Maeve (love your name), Lola (love your name and Canada) and Summer Girl (cool Ireland again) -- thank you so much for your support and comments. You all are so kinds!

Lola - your post post about your husband totally made me laugh!

Summer Girl - I do think the no scale is WAY harder than no sugar!

I am still pondering sending my scale away to summer camp at a friend's house. I so know you all are right ...... Is it against forum rules to tell you all that I was down 3 lbs vs. yesterday, so the scale did move, which is what I needed to see. Maybe now I can send my square friend off to camp. I guess I could use my jeans that don't fit me anymore as my barometer of progress.

I'm still loving the Whole 30 diet. Yesterday went great food wise although I did have too many cashews again. I am not buying those again!

Breakfast --- eggs in coconut out with peppers, onions and spinach oh and organic pork sausage

Lunch --- left over Spice Rub Slow-Cooker Chicken (Everyday Paleo) and left over roasted pepper also from Everyday Paleo

Dinner --- Salad with grilled chicken and oil and vinegar (while my family was eating pizza at a pizza place)

Evening Snack --- CASHEWS and half a farmer's market peach (I was still hunger and wanted something sweet)

I need to cut the snacks out, but I know they say it's ok to snack if you are still hungry. I was proud of myself that I didn't eat lunch with all my friends this afternoon. We took all our kids to Chik fil A after the school sneak a peak. I just had unsweetened tea. I was so looking forward to my leftovers at home, so I waited!

I'm really noticing how many sips and tastes of my kids foods and drink that I am NOT taking bcs, they aren't Whole 30 foods. I know I use to eat many extra calories in little tastes of their foods. I am very motivated not to cheat bcs, I don't want to start over!

I am planning a big meal prep on Sunday for foods for the week. Well Feed has a great section on a weekly Cook up! Later today, I'll make a list of what I'm making and post it!

I'm going to go cook my breakfast now! I'm also running a 5K this morning with a friend!

Have a great day everyone!

Motivation Quote of the Day (from a Nike ad) --- Going for a Run is Something I Never Regret

I love this quote! I often think of it too as Working Out is Something I Never Regret. It's so true, I NEVER regret working out or running. If I have to push myself to workout, I just remind myself of this quote. I truly think working out is the best thing someone can do for themselves. I ABSOLUTELY love to move my body and get my heart rate up!

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Hope your 5K went well. I walked the Lower Roswell part of the course just a few minutes before your race started this morning and thought about you. :)

Kelly - Put away the scale and have an awesome weekend. You can do this!

P.S. I forget how often I take a nibble of things throughout the day until I try to stop. It's crazy. Same thing for licking my fingers when I make peanut butter sandwiches (for the kids). Hard habit to break.

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Hey Y'all!!! I am on day 6 and still going well!!!

Highlights from weekend ---

-- Ran a 5K in 30 minutes --- my last (and first) 5K was a couple weeks ago and I did it in 34 minutes. It was in N GA mountains and super hilly.

-- Went to a super fun Olympic party last night and stayed on Whole 30 plan! It wasn't hard at all. I am so committed to this plan! My sweet friend even made a paleo salad for me as her dish to support me :D . Love my friends!!!

-- Planning on doing a big cook up today for the week --- so many recipes --- hard to pick which ones. So far, I know I'm doing homemade mayo, cooking up some ground meats with veggies, cooking some chicken breast and doing a breakfast casserole.

-- School starts tomorrow for my kids. I'm trying to determine no grain, no sugar lunches and snacks for them. It's proving to be a bit of a challenge, especially their snack which they eat in the classroom. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Motivation Quote of the Day ---- Clear Your Mind of Can't

I love to workout and do it almost everyday, but I never thought I was a good runner. I've always ran on my treadmill, but never thought I wanted to run outside or do races. I just didn't think I could --- I was so wrong! I started running outside at our lake house, bcs we don't have a treadmill. I fell in love with running in the beautiful N GA Mountains. I did my first 5K up there -- The Green Bean Festival 5K. I was motivated by the hokey name and figured it wouldn't be too intense. It was a blast and got me hooked on doing more races. Yesterday I ran with a friend who runs fast and I kept up! When she told me her pace, I thought I can't do that and ................wrong again! :D

Now I have a 10K in October and a half marathon in November scheduled. I'm all about challenging myself to do things that use to be can't do that --- sort of like living no sugar, no grain, no dairy.

Rock on Whole 30 Friends!!!!! Get ride of your can't(s) too!!!! :)

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I love your optimism!! Good for you, what a great post! So, you see how your 'can't' advice can help you with your scale addiction, right??

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you may like the coffee with coconut milk better if you sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon. It's truly wonderful!

Have a great day!!

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Hey Lola --- Oh gosh, my scale can't is a pretty big and beloved can't ...... working on it!

I'll try the nutmeg and cinnamon in my coffee --- waiting for my husband to wake up and make it --- I like his better. Have you ever put butter in it --- sounds kind of icky but might try it!

Have a great day Lola!!!

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Howdy Partners!!!! I missed two days from my journal bcs it's been a crazy busy two days for me. My two older kids went back to school and I filled my days with lots of social activities and appointments.

I believe I am on Day 9 and it's going quite well! I am probably still having too much nuts and fruits from a weight loss perspective. I need to work on that for sure!!

This is a pretty darn boring update - my apologies!!!

I'm about to make stir fry using Well Fed's Stir Fry marinade. I'm sure it will be delish as all the other Well Fed recipes have been!

I am remiss that I haven't had time to read the forum for the past two days :(.

I can't wait to catch up with you all!!! :P

Motivation Quote of The Day --- I want to remember that no one is going to make my dream come true... it is my job to get up everyday and work towards the things that are deepest in my heart...and enjoy every step of the journey, rather than wishing I was already where I want to end up

Whole 30 has been a journey for me! I've always wanted to eat totally clean and I'm actually doing it. It's a learning process for sure. I'm in process of changing up my career too and getting totally healthy is such a great compliment to making other changes in my life. I'm far from where I want to be but really enjoying the journey! Thanks to you all for being such a motivation for me! :wub:

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Hey Y'all --- I'm on day 10! Things are still going well! :) I loved the day 10 email I received today from Whole9. It had a great idea to put a dry erase board on your fridge and include 3 lists --- 3-4 dinners to make, what foods you already have prepped in the fridge, and what you need to buy --- I think that is genius! The daily emails really have been great!

Last night I served the best ever stir fry sauce from well feed to my kids and sadly they wouldn't eat it. I enjoyed it though. I think the chinese 5 spice powder was too spicy for them. As I was cooking dinner and adding all the veggies to the stir fry, I was feeling so good about the changes I am making in my family's diet as well. We are eating a lot of veggies -- which is great. My kids actually really like Kale --- who knew!!!

I've also been having lots of success packing grain free and sugar free lunches --- big change from last year. My Whole 30 Forum friend Susan gave me some great ideas --- thanks Susan!!!

Motivation Quote of the Day --- There are two rules for being successful --- 1. figure out exactly what you want to do 2. DO IT!

As I said in a prior post, I am in process of making a major career change and pursuing my passions. This quote fits my present journey to a T and Whole 30 has also provided me a lot of motivation and inspiration to DO IT and know I CAN DO ANYTHING!

Have a great evening everyone!!!

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Kelly - glad the lunches are going well. We have definitely been sugar free for school snacks and lunches but they ate at school Wednesday and wanted to have the pizza today. I told them 3 days they have to bring their lunch and they would have done Wednesday but I was out of town. I bought two new thermoses (sp?) so they can take different things this year. They are only 10 oz so the size is perfect. My daughter took shrimp cocktail in one yesterday. :) I will also try some sliced AF grass fed beef hot dogs next week. Maybe even some meatballs with marinara or chocolate chili eventually. I've been busy and not logging this week too. Too many nuts and too much fruit since I haven't been accountable enough to write things down. TGIF, right?

FYI - I have my East Cobb 5K tomorrow. Hoping for a good time! Planning to do the Sandy Springs Lightning 10K on September 22nd. Want to join me?

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Hi Y'all!!!! I want to start out this post by saying I freaking LOVE this forum. I find the best info reading the forum -- you all ROCK!!!!

Hey Runningforme82!!!! Where do you live in IL? I grew up in Charleston, IL - home of Eastern Illinois University and about 30 min south of Champaign (U of I). I love your profile pic!!!! I have a ton of friends and family in Chicago area -- guessing that's where you probably live.

So, things are going well BUT I have had a few little non Whole 30 transgressions :o . I am trying to decide if I should start again at Day 1 --- makes me seriously sad to start over :( . So, I had some Trader Joe's 0 gram sugar bacon which I guess isn't approved, some sugarless gum and last night I had a lick of ice cream from my child's cone --- it was melting down the side.

On one hand, I feel like those aren't a big deal. I am so on track otherwise and this is day 13 -- almost half way point. I so don't believe in perfection and am the first to admit that i am imperfect in many ways. But I also want to be true to the program.

What do you all think -- should I start over?????

Motivation Quote of the Day --- Strength shows not only in the ability to persist but in the ability to start over Lordy, not really liking this quote right now but it does get me thinking ..........

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Oh wow, that's tough Kelly! I can only say what I think I would do if I were in that situation, and I honestly think I would start over. In the book, they say even a splash of cream in your coffee is too much... Though it's totally you're call, and depends on what you want to get out of the W30. Good luck, I hope you figure it all out! Sounds like you're doing great otherwise!

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Hey Kelly!

I'm actually closer to Champaign :) About 35 min from Champaign actually. I love visiting the city (Chicago) but could never live there, lol.

My profile picture I think was from last summer, but I love it so much!! My daughter will be 4 this coming month! Time flies!

As far as starting over, geesh, tough call!! I wish I had an answer for you :) Just think through what you were really trying to get from the program, etc. If killing the sugar demon was the main reason for doing the program, then I would probably start over. I'm new to all of this, so really can't give too much advice since I'm still learning all of this myself :) Hopefully someone else will comment soon :)

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Thanks Lola and Runningforme82!!! Runningforme82 --- where do you live in IL? Are you north of Champaign? Have you ever been to Charleston??

I think I'll just extend my Whole 30 to a Whole 45 vs. start at day 1!!!

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FYI Kelly - I extended mine to a Whole 45. July 31-September 14. Have family rehearsal dinner and wedding to attend September 15 and 16 and have no control over food options. I will start Whole30 #3 on Monday, September 17th. Whatever it takes to make this habit! :)

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