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Kelly F's Finding My Strength - 1st Time Whole30 Journal

Kelly F

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Hey Everyone!!!! I have been so busy with some new and exciting work projects that I haven't had time to journal here :ph34r: .

So, guess what I am having to flipping start over --- today should be Day 28 and it's now Day 1. I ate a flipping cupcake yesterday - OMG! It was good and then I felt awful. My brother and his wife and in town visiting and stopped by this awesome cupcake shop. I figure what the heck, I am basically done - I can have one small silver -- well that lead over the course of a day full of rationalization to almost the whole cupcake :o .

So, I am starting over and I am totally OK with that!!! I've LOVED eating the Whole 30 way. I've felt amazing and I have so much energy and mental clarity. You know, I haven't been perfect (a few small bits of unapproved things) here and there, but I am ok with that too. I so do not embrace the concept of perfection. But I will try to be as close to perfect as I can muster until Oct 1!

Maybe I should start journaling my meals here --- does that help y'all??

Motivational Quote of the Day -- Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.â€

― Carl Bard

Here's to my brand new ending!!!!!

Hope you all have the BEST day!!!!

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Hey! Also wanted to add that I am challenging myself today and going for my first 10 mile run this morning!!! I've been training for a half marathon in November (Savannah Rock and Roll Marathon). I am going for a long run with the two friend are doing the half with me. They run at a much slower pace than me but for much longer distances. I'm hoping I can keep up! It will be so fun. I've always run solo, so looking forward to chatting and running!!!

Whole 30 has really helped me discover that I can do all things that I didn't think I could do like giving up Diet Coke (was a TOTAL addict), not having dairy (thought I couldn't do that -- it's been a breeze), giving up sugar and grains (had sort of already done that), not partaking in yummy party foods (use to leave parties stuffed).

Any whoo -- LIFE IS GOOD!

Interestingly too, while I've been doing Whole 30 some really awesome work projects have materialized for me. I work as an independent marketing consultant. I've worked in corporate America for years and I really want to GET OUT! Some exciting projects have popped up and I just have the mental energy and clarity to tackle them despite my crazy busy life. The downside of the projects is they will all take awhile to get up and running and be income producing.

Speaking of which --- does anyone know wordpress.org or know an uber affordable designer? I am going to be starting three blogs (so excited -- 1 by myself and 2 others with different sets of friends). I need to learn wordpress.org like yesterday but again, so little time to learn it.

Have the BEST day!!!

Have the best day everyone!

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