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Howdy all, I'm starting another Whole30, my third attempt having never made it through the other two. The first I made it to day 11, and day 24 on the second one. I'm bound and determined to make it through this one and elevate my mostly primal lifestyle to the next level and am looking for a bit of a support network.


Does anyone use the MyFoodCircle (http://www.myfoodcircle.co.uk/) or another similar social meal sharing app? I've found that this, for it's social aspect and accountability, and Lolo's GO (http://lolofit.com/apps/go_-_meal_and_fitness_tracker), for it's charting and quick review, are quick and easy ways to track and think about what you are eating. Don't have to weigh, measure, etc., but taking that picture makes me think before mindlessly eating.


Anyway, would love to hook up with some on MyFoodCircle for the support there.



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Thanks for the suggest Carlaccini, but I want something quick and easy that I have with me at all times, those two apps fit the bill perfectly for what I want. Snapping that picture before I eat helps me pause and think about my decision. I've tried food logs in the past and I just can't keep with it.


Hey dianeen63, if you decide to use it, look me up there...would be great to have some company.

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great idea! so much easier to take a pic of food than trying to log. i downloaded and will look for other users. today's day 1 whole 30. all by myself <cue sad music>. hope others use it, too!


Yea, I'm pretty much solo too which is why I'm looking for that support system...definitely helps. Look me up on there, we can get through this together. Starting day 3 today and already feeling a ton better!

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Geoff, I already friended you on there...I'm Diane Carothers :-)


Yup, we are all hooked up...thanks Diane.


As a FYI, here's how I'm using the color ratings both for my meals and when I rate one of yours.



• A strictly paleo compliant meal.


Pale Green

• A primarily paleo compliant meal; ex: a sprinkling of dairy is okay, but not an overindulgence.



• A primal compliant meal; can include items that I want to eat in moderation.

• Rice, white potatoes, cheese, dairy, etc.

• Small serving of a primal sweet treat.



• Primal compliant, but don’t want to eat often or in great quantities.

• Hard cider, tequila, corn, primal sweet treats, gluten free substitutes, etc.



• Totally not allowed!!

• Beans, grains, beer, foods fried in SAD oil, etc.

• Over-indulgence of a primal “orange” allowable item.

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