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July 7 - Re-(re-re-re-)starting

Breanna Smith

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As the topic title suggests, I am attempting yet another whole30. I have one under my belt, which I completed in February.  I enjoyed my results, which didn't include weight loss (actually gained a pound!), but I was at least an inch smaller on every single one of my measurements. But life happens - BF was laid off, had to move back to Oklahoma, building a tiny house, etc - and my food choices got out of control.  Totally fell off the Paleo wagon.  I am ready to get back on.  I was inspired by @stephanie_mae 's instagram, as well as so many of the success stories, and my sister in law, who is on her like fifth Whole30. I am coming clean, letting go of the shame and guilt I feel over "failing" again, and choosing today to start anew. This is a new day with new opportunities, and I choose to seize them.


I am hoping to complete a Whole90, as I have several issues I am currently dealing with, but one day at a time. 


I may not know you personally, but I love this community and everyone in it and I am excited to be on this journey toward whole health with you.



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