Whole 30 appetizer suggestions

Kelly F

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We found a bunch of compliant prosciutto, and I've seen prosciutto-wrapped melon as an appetizer before, if you want to be fancy.

There's also some great appetizer recipes on Nom Nom Paleo. For example, these shrim and watermelon skewers look great: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/24408788595/paleo-eats-6-3-12

For a potluck-type-situation, I think they'd work well on shorter skewers.

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Hey CAK911, Adagio and Tom --- Thanks for your awesome suggestions!!!! I didn't see this post yesterday with your replies (not sure how I missed it). I ended up making everyday paleo meatballs. They were a bit bland though :(

I love your all's suggestions though!!!!

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