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Oh my friends. So many great posts.


First all Higs, I am so so very sorry you lost Oliver and so glad you are raising a glass to him; I will pour a kombucha out for your homie.  Losing the furry ones is so hard, and its such a challenge not to wonder what we could have done differently. I’m glad you were able to let that go and just experience the grief. Poor guy. Maybe he just had a heart attack? Hopefully you will still be able to head out this weekend. I like the image of you in the 80s Boise punk rock scene – there must be some great stories there.


Miki my Mik did you ever hear back from Rosann? God bless the new wife, I can’t add any more than what has already been said. I would choose you every time my friend.  I love you not renting space to them in your head any more. I found taro chips at WF but they are canola, which is not recommended, but tolerated on W30. There are THESE sweet potato chips, they are cooked in coconut oil, but have yet to find them retail, but you can order online. http://www.amazon.com/Jacksons-Honest-Sweet-Potato-Chips/dp/B00HLG7SW4

Re dinners - we ordered twice from this place in El Seg, and even though I couldn’t eat the rice stuff, the meat was really good. http://farmstand.us/pdf/Farmstand_Dinner_04_2014.pdf

I have never been to an OA meeting or really delved too deeply into my eating psychology so I am loving your postings about your therapists advice and so forth. I think you are awesome and I wish we lived in a world where we were worshipped if we were a healthy 180! 


Meadow, I love Supersize me. Dave I also love the  McDonalds experiment. I’m always telling people about that one. No mould no decay no nothing.  It shocked me that no American chef tried to do what Jamie Oliver did. LOVE this quote from you ML

A man convinced against his own will is of the same opinion still.”


Wyoinap. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job on your recovery. Congrats on that hard work. I can only imagine how hard it is to stop the binge/purge cycle. And yes, simply suffering, being with the discomfort IS the answer isn’t it. We are always dodging the pain. I was thinking  on the way home tonight, wondering if I will ever stop thinking so constantly about food and I thought maybe not. Maybe the alcoholic always wants a drink but just chooses not to have one. Miki, much like you were talking about with the bridge.  Tea - I love a cup of rooibos tea with coconut milk, very comforting.


CC very excited to see your crafting! I can only say that for me, I have been taking a lot of Epsom salts baths when I get home late to avoid any temptation to eat. That is my small attempt at self care right now. And taking breakfast and lunch to work with me so that I don’t snarl at the catering guy for cooking ALL his meat in soy sauce. Oh,  I tried an Epic bar the other day …gross  :mellow:  LOL re Madam Hooch! I also love Harry Potter. Thank you for the book rec! I ordered it !


Laurie thank you for sharing so much more with us. I am so glad you found love and so sorry that your boyfriend has to go through what he does. He must be so very grateful to have your love and loyalty at such a difficult time.


Rose, very interested to hear about your reintros.  I can totally relate to this “this makes me feel a kind of tiny grief inside, and that my subconscious wants to deny the link between this old friend and the physical discomfort-albeit mild- it has caused me”

I agree re being kind to our bodies. I wanted to say I’m very grateful to my body for carrying me through the past week, which has been punishing. I'm still standing. 

I appreciate your attitude re funerals, I always think so many are so bad and at one time entertained the idea of being a funeral producer. People make fun of me for being obsessed with my own funeral but my greatest fear is that no one would come or that it would be lame. So I am super happy to hear that you are stepping up for your brother’s friend. I feel for your brother; that is a very tough spot to be in, but I hope he stops second guessing himself; it was the right decision for the time. Plus, the friend who has moved on knows all now, in my belief system anyway.


Dave its good to hear that you’re doin it on the counter to Ryan Adams! Glad that no surgery is required for you. “Turn around Grandma” is an amazing expression!


I have to say everyone, on the subject of plastic surgery and injectibles. I have had botox several times in my forehead over the last 10 years and once quite recently. I can tell you exactly why I did it, its because I felt that I was so imperfect bodywise, that I wanted to fix something I could control  - my wrinkles. When I was thinner, it actually looked kinda normal, only wrinkle free. Gotta say, I loved that little piece of “perfection”. But for some reason now I’m heavier, it does look a little odd and I am looking forward to it wearing off. As long as I keep my glasses on, I don’t think the casual observer would notice anything. I of course notice my baby smooth forehead. So, I think those plastic surgery folks are probably suffering from something similar – a large dose of aesthetic insecurity. And I guess you just never know how it will really turn out. You hope you've found the cure. Btw at my gyn’s office (which randomly happens to be in Bev Hills, she is very good and down to earth I might add) you can get botox at the same time as your annual exam. Lil botox with that pap smear? I kid not. Thankfully my doc did not try to upsell me! Welcome to LA.


Much love and appreciation to this very precious little corner of my world.



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Deb - you are beautiful just the way you are.......but only you can convince yourself of that. I'm perfect.....I'm not conceited....just convinced....hahahaha! And yes, I think we do get to a point that we stop thinking about our addictions....for the most part. I was a heavy smoker.......you know the type......Captain of the smoking team in high school, All County smoking honors, champion in the 4 x 400 smoking relay, set the school record, voted "most likely to be smoking", won several smoking scholarships, backup for the 1984 Olympics for the US smoking team....anyway.......I haven't smoked in almost 14 years. I occasionally think about it.......but it's very rare......very rare. I would guess, like any other addiction, that you slowly begin to forget about it.

Rose - sorry to hear about your brother's friend. Regret can be something very hard to let go, but sometimes it is the best thing to do.

Today is the last day of the week for me (every other Friday off) so hopefully the world doesn't go crazy......forcing me to don my cape......racing around to stomp out fires......geez! My middle son is 16 today so I have to remember to beat him.....er....hug him when I get home tonight.....after school (almost forgot I have class tonight..crap)! Taking a co-worker to lunch today to celebrate their birthday 2 days ago....(scheduling was tight this week). Heading back to the island tomorrow with dogs, kids, wife, whoever wants to go........supposed to be glorious weather so I better go get my "tan on" ......only a week left before my Myrtle Beach vacation.......I might be able to finally squeeze into that thong and half shirt! You know why they call them "half shirts"? ....cuz half y'all shouldn't be wearin' em! hahahahaha

Your song for the day (because of great weather) is Weezer...Island in the Sun! Shake your butts Dirty 30'ers!

Saturday will be spent with my wife's Grandfather who turns 100......stills lives alone and gets around great. Amazing health for his age.

Shoulder is getting better .......I am doing 100 pushups a day to strengthen it. Hoping to start a run regimen in the next couple weeks. Weight is coming off again after stalling out. I think most of it was water retention from some of the meds I was taking for swelling and pain. I am still eating good and haven't really done any re-intros.........and NO....I have not had any conversations with Captain Morgan...NOT ONE! There are many things that I don't even miss....like bread. I have been really getting my "steak on" lately and Kelly said the grilling lately has been superb! I love to grill.......especially in a snow storm........awesome fun! Anyway, time to save the world and stomp those fires. Have a great day everyone!

I added a picture of one of my "babies" coming in for a landing on the aircraft carrier with a few other "babies" looking on. I have 201 of these "babies" that I feed, water, and care for!



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Real notes later as I have to run for my turn in the shower.


Deb - love the farmstand restaurant, will take my boss on out to dinner night next Tues (I think).


Dave....PICTURES PLEASE - ladies, don't you think we deserve that. I'm trying to remember when I quit smoking...I guess it was about 14 years ago. To me that means I should be losing weight like you.


Rose, so sorry to hear about your brother's friends death. It is so important that we don't take responsibility for other peoples inappropriate behavior and indeed, it is important to safeguard our own health. You brother was absolutely right to protect his sobriety and he had no control over his friend getting cancer. Sadly, we all make choices in life and the consequences and lessons follow.


Another good day yesterday, no out of the ordinary behaviors. I'm still not releasing weight. I can't quite figure it out - but I'm trying not to overthink it. I do feel I will be "putting the kettle on" here soon with a real dirty M", so we'll see how more poor body does with that. I'm afraid of nuts and corn at this point, not inclined to participate in dairy (for the most part), but the picnic menu is really starting to get to me. They're having guacamole, so I might get the Taro chips and I could have some of that. Would a friend chicken wing kill me? A bite of torta? Pizza and ceasar salad? The mind and appetite is a slippery slope, sigh.


More later kids. Thinking about those we've lost on the Dirty 30 this week and grateful we have each other...SO GRATEFUL.



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Miki, Trader Joes has plantain chips fried in sunflower oil, and they would be GREAT with the guac. 


Dave it is so interesting our self perceptions in appearance, this made me think about a time within the last year that I saw some pics of myself as a carefree (?) 21 year old. I looked so happy and pretty but I can tell you right now that girl thought she was overweight and ugly (and made some poor choices as a result). I suffered from bad acne from about 18-24, it really knocked my confidence. I ended up taking antibiotics and other strong drugs to combat it which did cure it but also I believe paved the way for the leaky gut and auto immune stuff I have going on now. Having clear skin as a young person changed the way I was able to feel in the world so I don't regret that but it is interesting that it is coming back around now in other ways. Gosh truly the best thing parents can do for their kids is to give them self confidence. Its the gift that keeps on giving. Meadow, you are right, it is ALL about the head. 


Those planes are so sexy! Very Top Gun! I can't believe they are all in your care- that's a lot of responsibility.


And, I have a swimsuit for you:


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 You girls might need to head down to San Diego and hang out by the base down there.


 Lol I'm imagining Miki and myself, all done up and strolling into a bar full of marines, in a Top Gun/Officer and a Gentleman-esque scene.

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Hello everyone. Miki was kind enough to track me down and invite me to rejoin the group. I'd love to be a part if my "spot" is still available. My reason for starting Whole30 was to control my eating addiction. Gratefully, I have no health problems, but I get into ruts where I only eat junk food, simple carbs, and sweets in HUGE portions. I wanted to break that cycle. However, while I was being compliant and feeling better, I decided to stop taking Sam E each day -- it really helps with my depressions cycles. Not a great idea for me. SO.......... I am trying to climb back from the self-imposed isolation and rejoin the world. I hope to eat mostly paleo(ish) during times when I'm alone -- which is 80% of the time -- and eat mindfully during the other times. Does that qualify me to partake of the encouragement, joy, stories, and suggestions here? Pretty please! I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone, not judging myself (I don't seem to have a problems judging others, just myself. Hmmmmmmmm), and sharing victories and concerns with you'se guys. :)

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Wow! I've been reading from the beginning of this thread (am about to #50) and so sorry I missed all of the heartfelt sharing from the beginning. So many of us struggle with the same issues -- doesn't that just make you sad? I have written in my journal too many times about how much I hate mirrors. I'm just a normal looking 58 year old woman -- average looking -- a bit heavy and very short. Nothing grotesque or unusual. I can be walking along having a fine time. Enjoying the day -- time alone or with friends -- and then accidently catch a glimpse of my reflection in a mirror or window and BAM -- my day is ruined. I can't get the joy back. And there is no logical reason for it. It angers me greatly, but I seem to have no control over it. I am generally positive. I am a kind, caring person. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt when they screw up. I am forgiving. Basically a nice person. Why, then, do I struggle so? Grrrrrr.

So. Just to say, I'm right there with you. I will continue to remind us all (myself including) that we are fabulous creations. Worthy of love and respect. From others and from ourselves. Thanks for letting me back in.

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I'm off to celebrate my upcoming birthday with friends. I plan on having a hamburger and some fries. Haven't done that in a while and I also plan to enjoy every bite. For tonight............ Then hope to return to more healthful eating tomorrow. I find I can indulge with others, but not alone. When I'm alone.... it keeps calling me to have more and more and more. With friends I'm too ashamed to pork out. :)

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Rosann Rosanna Danna, can't tell you how happy I am that you're back in the fold. I can totally relate to mirror shock, am endlessly astonished when I catch a glimpse. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Enjoy it all. 


To all, I just stumbled on this new blog, a woman who undertook AIP as a nutritional experiment - wow, I love her insights. 

She has written some very interesting and funny posts that TOTALLY struck a chord with me about exercising as an introvert. 

As a (functioning, mostly) introvert myself I found these so helpful and the first time I've read much on this kind of subject. I loathe the gym because there are other people there and yes, I don my invisibility cloak at yoga. Worth a look for anyone to whom this rings a bell:




I'm adding one more of her links because its totally relevant to our discussions here - she talks about the skinny privilege. Mik you will like this one:



Through that blog I also found the below website which has some cool and fun things like vanilla powder and uber oils:



PS I am watching Sharon Stone talk to Oprah (clearly, er, I am not actually "working" from home yet) and she is saying that she sees herself in Basic Instinct and she's like I had no idea I was that pretty or sexy. Even when you look like that. Its universal. 

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First, ROSEANN. So glad you are back! We've been missing you!


Deb - I'm looking forward to that blog. And your bathing suit picture - wow.  :wacko:


Dave - I love your babies!  I come from a family of pilots (I stopped taking lessons after soloing, and before getting my license. That's what marriage can do to you!) My cousin flew Harriers for the marines.


I finished my latest craft project (picture attached). Bethany turns 8 in August, and for her guest party favors, I made everyone flip flops. I tied approx 100 water balloons on each pair. That keeps me busy at night so I'm not snacking.


We made the cherry BBQ sauce tonight. That is not a favorite of mine, but Rick loved it so that makes me happy. (Picture attached)


So I'm reading a lot of bad vibes for exercise, and I'm going to jump in here.  I have been told by some experts (MDs in the eating disorder world) that exercise is the best anti depressent/anti anxiety med there is.  I tried medication for a short time last year, and it just made me stop caring that I was eating so much.  I am not talking about hard core here, but if you can lace up your shoes and walk 30 minutes a day (every day) you'll just feel so much better. There are many days that I don't want to exercise, but I've never finished and said, "Wow, I wish I hadn't done that." I just think about it as medicine.  Can we make exercise part of our next Whole 30 daily challenge? 


Which brings me to my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.  The other night we were watching Extreme Weight Loss. I don't agree with the tactics, but often find it inspirational. Anyway, this gal that was 30 pounds heavier than me finished a half-Ironman triathlon. I got so jazzed by that, that I signed up for my first OLYMPIC distance triathlon September 20th!  I love the excitement of a race, and I'm thrilled to have something to look forward to. I race for time against myself, not for a place.


There is a division for heavier folks - the guys are Clydesdale's (200lbs +) and the gals are Athenas (140+). Can you imagine that heavy is 140+? I had to laugh!! I'm certain that the last time I was 140      I was 16 years old. Therefore, I will be kicking some ATHENA BUTT!!


I did a number of triathlons in my 20's, but after a 20 year hiatus, I did a sprint tri last September. I did a half marathon in April (which is ridiculous at 195 pounds). My joints were suffering. But now that I've lost a few pounds I'm feeling better and want to keep it going. 


Thanks in advance for your virtual support! (Rick has something to share, too, but I'll let him tell you!)




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Higs - how are you holding up?


Meadow - good insight on the potatoes. We're going to cut back on those a bit.


I'm missing Laurie and Cara and Wyoinap today!


Speaking of POTATOES... did you see the news that white potatoes are now Whole 30 compliant? And salt, which was always compliant in my book :)


What say you about this? DISCUSS!!


PS: The Laymons will not be adding white potatoes to the menu!

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Firstly YAYYYYY Rosann, so happy that you have returned. You were very much missed. A huge happy birthday too, imagine me singing out of tune to you now :D. Your plan of eating sounds a lot like mine, I'm still on reintros but plan mostly paleo with more freedom when out.

MeadowLily- I have bought exercise equipment, that does not get used enough. As a single mum who works it's the only way I can guarantee exercise (the boys are too young to leave at home alone and when they are at school I am usually at work). My preference would always be outside but it's not always an option in my life. Thanks for the Supersize link, I would love to see the results of his experiment with some other kids in the US and whether if he tested more groups his results would be more in line with what he got in the UK. The sweet potato info is interesting too, maybe why my weight loss has plateaued, I have added more sweet potato as runs were so hard (with really heavy legs, stamina not being the issue) and eating more of them appears to have improved things.

Deb- thanks for the new links, I'm an introvert too, though I often wonder if people in my immediate work group realise as I am in my comfort zone with them so they get the chatty silly me. Others at work probably just think I'm weird, as they get the tongue tied seemingly aloof version of me (though I'm not aloof on the inside :( ). My day to day job involves me working with all sorts of school groups and I find it odd that as a shy and introverted person I have found myself in a job where I am often the centre of attention with the groups I work with. As for your men's bathers choice, I think my eyes are now scarred? Could this really be a good look to anyone?

Higs- I hope you made it to your reunion. I'm thinking Oliver and the rest of your animals are treated with much love and care, making them both happy and lucky to have you!

Rose- so sorry for the loss of your brothers friend, my ex partners brother died of stomach cancer, such an awful disease. I hope your brother can let go of the bad times and remember the good, his decision to move on from the friendship came from a good place and in a sober and logical place I'm sure his friend would have seen and accepted that. I don't hold grudges and I try to think others don't either given the option.

Dave- I'm a little worried about 100 push ups, is that helping or pushing your shoulder? Take care and try not to over do it. A very happy birthday to your son too, hope you have a great day out. By the way, what is a half shirt?

Miki- I'm so sorry for all the frustration your having with the weight diminishing. I for one am way too focused on what the scales tell me, maybe you are losing on measurements which does not always show on the scales? Our bodies are so complicated (probably trying to keep up with our minds I suppose) I wish I had some answers, but have hope that putting the right things in will give you results in time.

CC- I've been wondering about your announcement. Very inspired! I look forward to hearing about your training schedule. I hope to one day do a 1/2 marathon just find it hard to get the time for distance training. I love the balloon thongs (okay we call them thongs here, flip flops to most of you) very creative, they look amazing.

CC I have been meaning to answer your question about what we are doing now. I've been sticking with 3 meals a day and some snacks. Meals have mostly been Whole30, bar my reintros. I bailed out on my legumes reintro, I had a teaspoon of peanut butter but then went whole30 for the rest of the day. I tend to snack mostly at work, usually between breakfast and lunch, this tends to be the hardest time for me (especially as I have found myself mainly desk bound at work the last couple of weeks, usually I'm out and about but I'm illustrating a resource we are doing). I'm also having a small snack post run. A couple if treats have snuck in, the occasional date roll (ingredients dates and coconut) and organic vegie chips (ingredients all compliant). The sugar demon still lurks though, I had a bad moment yesterday and was feeling sad and my thought were "I need chocolate", in my defence my brain went to raw chocolate (all paleo ingredients) and I did not give in, but it's certainly still there.

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Oh I forgot to say Laurie I meant you sound young as a positive, certainly not negative. I would much rather be young at heart than the opposite!

Thanks for sharing your story a bit more with us too. Your relationship sounds very special and I hope you can soon enjoy it with both you and your partner in better health!

In reading of the wonderful relationships some of you share, it has made me contemplate my own relationships. It's reminded me that the main relationships in my life have been with very similar men, in all the wrong ways. Yesterday it lead to a ' what is wrong with me' moment that I have only found myself with people that drain me. It made me realise that while I am mostly a very independent person and have never been desperate to be in a relationship, there is still a huge sadness that comes with never finding a real love based on positive things. And yes that made me want chocolate :-/.

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CC the flip flops are adorbs!! So so cute.

The bbq sauce looks yummmmyyy. 


CONGRATS on signing up for the triathlon! That is awesome. 

LOL the Athenas! How far is an Olympic distance triathlon? 

As an exercise struggler I would love to add that in to another W30. 

I have also heard/read many times that exercise is way better than anti depressants. 


I came on to also break the news about white potatoes. Wowee. Very interesting. 


I guess its good to learn how to deal with them in the world since they are oft abused in the form of fries and chips? 

They are a nightshade though so are still off limits for auto immune folks worried about nightshade sensitivities (=me).

I am also a big time chip abuser. I really have no brakes when it comes to any kind of crunch.  


Dave I showed my ex hubs your plane pic and he went nuts that I knew such a person as you! His granddad worked for Boeing and he has inherited a passion for all things aviation. 


Meadow, this year I have actually considered buying a mini tramp/rebounder and there were so many for sale on craigslist "still in box" for the exact reason that people buy equipment and never use it. I decided against it.....

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Hey gang. Rather than simply being CC's cheerleader for her upcoming triathalon, I am signing up to do MY very first triathalon race (aqua/bike/bike only - these knees can't take the impact) the following weekend! Now mind you I have never swam more than the length of our condo pool... Training together starts tomorrow! Will be a BIG stretch goal for me. Stay tuned...

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