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Fish Oil part 2

Ty Fyter

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Hey guys, read the FAQ but still have a couple questions.

First off, thanks for the brand recommendations but living in Australia, I don't have access to any of those brands.

I found fish caps 1g fish triglycerides: 180mg DHA, 120mg EPA. I imagine the liquid oils are much the same. (also how many would I need to take to get to the 2g-4g range?)

Also none of the chemists here in Adelaide (I've seen so far) store them in fridges but are in containers or dark jars on shelves.

What are people's thoughts on these?

Thanks heaps!



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Opinions are mixed about whether liquid or capsule/gel cap forms are best. The liquids are generally kept in the refrigerator after being opened the first time, but I've rarely seen calls for refrigerating the gel caps. I've taken both over the years and just don't think it matters much.

I'm uncertain about calculating the correct dosage. I'd ask your local chemist what it would take to get to the 2g-4g range.

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