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1st Whole30 - Day 1 - July 7th


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Well, I survived Day 1 with not too much stress and hassle.  I think I may have overdone it on the portion size front as I am feeling a bit more bloated than usual this morning so will adjust the portions today accordingly.


For breakfast I had a pork burger with two organic free range eggs and fried garlic onions and mushrooms.   I had this around 7am just before leaving for work, but did find that I started to get hungry again around 11am but this is what normally happens so not sure whether to increase my portion at breakfast or give it a few more days to see if my body begins to adjust to the nutrition that it is now getting...?


Lunch (ate it at my desk just before 1pm) was left over home made chicken Korma (basically chicken breast cooked in reduced down tomoates (chopped) with some coconut milk and curry powder) and some left over sausages with roasted onions olives and peppers.  I had this with a salad of cucumber, tomato and avocado which is probably where I "overconsumed" as I had the salad in an extra pot and I ate the chicken and sausage first, was pretty full but decided to eat the salad pot anyway and that made me overfull...


Got home around 6:30pm and started to prepare dinner whilst i snacked (I know... :( not recommended) on some of the left over chicken breast chunks from the Korma.  Ate dinner around 8pm which was very yummy - Sea bass fillets with roasted onions, olives and chopped tomatoes (ran out of peppers!), even though to be honest i was still full from lunch and my snacking!


Went to bed around 10:30 and up at 4:00 this morning with not too much resistance.... just very bloated and not particularly hungry, but wont be having breakfast for another hour or so at least so may be hungry by then.



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Welcome as a new whole30er.. I am on day 20 and can recall feeling the way you did for about 10 days... So full, stuffed rather, and never really felt like sitting down for yet another meal. I was looking at the time to be sure I would space out my meals evenly, and except for dinner, I started to eat smaller portions because I could not go fall asleep I was so full.

About your breakfast a quick question, are you used to eat lots of mushrooms? I noticed that I am getting soo bloated from them now on whole 30, I no longer use them as a side, but mix them in with other veggies. Lots of garlic and onions can do that to you too. Also, the fact that you were hungry a few hours later, I would think you did not eat enough, or there was not enough fat in your brekkie... Just an idea.

And no worries, you may feel bloated and weird as your system adjusts to this new food. I was soooo worried to eat too much until I felt my pants getting loose.

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