Legs feeling very heavy last few days


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I've been on this template way of eating for awhile now.

Sure I've noticed legs feeling heavier every now and then making it difficult to do faster runs/sprints. But the feeling has been ongoing since my 4 day july 4th getaway and the two days since my return.


I'll take slow runs but I feel like I lifted heavy or something and it takes effort to put one foot in front of the other. so while it's not "cardio" in the traditional sense, I'm still huffing and puffing.


The only thing missing from my meals has been sweet potatoes but I added more carrots instead while away.


Is it a carb thing?

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This is probably your body doing the switch over from sugar for engergy to fat for energy.  A lot of people are sluggish around this time.  Many people don't experience better workouts until the 3rd or 4th week.  So be patient.  And yes adding carby veggies will help you recover better.  So I encourage you to stick with that.

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I am about 6-7 weeks in so this is throwing me off. i'm going to guess it is reduction of sweet potato and maybe less water (i drink tons so i doubt it). 


Fat adapted?! that would be great. I know i've had bad breath since week 2 so i thought i was fat adapted awhile ago!

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It might be helpful for you to post a few days of meals so we have a clearer picture of what might be happening.

Are you still Whole30 after 7 weeks?

Also, how is your stress level?

And are you getting enough/quality sleep?

Those are all factors that matter to energy.

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yes still whole30

stress is there but i take time to sit and do nothing (i force it)

i've been sleeping 7-8 hours so that's not an issue.


I wonder if i'm burn out on running even though i only do it 3-4 times a week (4 miles or less). I cut back on any longer distances awhile ago.


i do wonder if i'm a fat burner now and that may be it….


I sweat a lot more quickly than i used to but then again my short runs I incorporate HIIT. I do a lot less steady runs at about the same pace. I realized awhile ago it was getting me nowhere in terms of fitness.


any thoughts on the fat burning thing?

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The bad breath generally means ketosis (unless you've just been slack with flossing :) ) - which would probably mean that you're not getting enough carbs for your energy level (unless you're specifically trying to be ketogenic, which it doesn't sound like).


If it were a question of being fat adapted, you'd be feeling fine on those runs by now. It may just be that you're going through a period of heavy legs - it's a thing! Maybe take a few weeks off running completely, concentrate on other activities/exercise and eating well, and then give it another go. Like you say, you might just be burned out.

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