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Has anyone tried the Premade Paleo delivery service? (It's Whole30 approved for the Whole30 meals they offer - )

I'm trying to convince some family to try it, but since they're outside of Atlanta it is pretty inconvenient to get the entire month's meals at once. (I know, they can buy a separate freezer, not a big deal.)

Just wondering if anyone has tried them/loved them/etc.


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I haven't tried this specific delivery service; however, my experience with Diet-to-Go when I was doing Atkins was great. The meals tasted really good from the microwave, and it took the guesswork out of portion control and cooking. Overall Atkins did not work for me in the long run, but I did enjoy the convenience of a food delivery service.

Though all the videos are from the company, they do have some great informative videos up on YouTube:

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I ordered the 45 meals, mega protein to fall back on. I know my youngest will "want some" so that is why I opted for the extra protein. I won't know until later this week when they arrive how good they are, but will post when I try them.

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