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How to stay away when the cravings kick in...


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Hello all! 


I am a 25 year old European living in Florida. I have been eating pretty bad since I left home to study when I was 18, and I am now preparing for a Whole30 diet starting August 1. I am almost done reading the "It starts with food" book - a very good read.


My main problem is that I dont have the willpower to resist the urge of bad foods. The power sugar, salt and fat have over me is unbelieveable.


I know a lot about what to eat and what not to put in my mouth

I am an expert in reading food labels

I KNOW that I should not eat that chocolate, order that pizza, or drink that soda. But still, I do. And then I feel like crap afterwards. Until the cycle repeats over and over again.


Luckily i am relatively healthy. I have maybe 2-4 pounds that I would like to get rid of. No big deal. But after reading the book I know that I can greatly improve my mood and energy as well. And I might be able to help a lot of members of my family who are struggling with different health related issues.


First I need to get there myself. I think I can make it. I am not a good cook, I am lazy and the people around me (friends and family) eat their share of unhealthy foods, which doesnt help a weak dude with no willpower like myself. But I know that the month of August can be extremely valueable if I can pull it of.


How do you guys deal with cravings? Its especially when I am at home in the evening/night that the cravings kick in. If I am busy outside the house, I barely eat. But when I am at home (where I study and work), I have cravings all the time. 


Any tips and suggestions would be very much appreciated :) This forum looks amazing!

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Hi Dinho,

Just wrapped up my first whole 30 yesterday, so I am not any kind of expert, but I can tell you that what worked best for me was a one-day-at-a-time approach. When I felt the cravings descend (and they do, particularly at the beginning) I would remind myself that I wasn't eating those things that day. Just that day, didn't think about other days, just the one I was in. Another useful tip I got from our fearless leader Dave (in the June 9 start forum) is to tackle a task you have left undone each day. It keeps your mind occupied with non-food related problems and distraction is key. Go for a walk, clean the garage, write a letter to a friend, start a blog, whatever. Just keep busy. Also, use the forum. Everybody here is in the same boat and they will encourage and support you (as well as kicking your a*% when you need it kicked). Hope that helps and good luck, this is the best thing you will ever do for yourself.


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If your issues are mostly when you're home alone, do your best to clean out the off limits food before you start this so you don't have to only rely on will-power as much. I couldn't be in the house with a box of cookies or bag of chips when I first started paleo 10 months ago, but now I can handle being in the same building with the bad food :). Remove the crap and you most likely won't eat it.


Good luck on your journey!

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