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mayo without vinegar or lemon juice - how to make

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I am very new at Whole30, just on my second week. No I thought to give a try low-histamine version on my second Whole30. Mayo is my favorite dressing for almost everything, but low-histamine diet should awoid lemon juice and vinegar. How to replace them or any other ideas about mayos.

Thank you!

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I found a recipe for low amine mayo on the internet that inspired this adaptation:


Low amine mayonnaise
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon fine salt
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard powder
2 tablespoons water
3/4 teaspoons ascorbic acid/Vitaminc C powder
1 cup light olive oil
Mix the ascorbic acid and water together until dissolved and then combine all the ingredients by whisking, using an immersion blender, or food processor. 
You can buy ascorbic acid over the internet to use as a substitute for lemon juice/vinegar. I have never made this personally, but it looks workable. Good luck. 
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