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Recipes that include protein and veg/fat, how much to eat and how more veg/fat eat in addition?

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I am making a lot of make-ahead breakfast items and I am getting confused on how much to eat of the recipe to meet the meal planning guidelines. I am not sure if I should be eating more fat, veg or protein than what is included in the recipe.


For example the first recipe below has veg and protein but no fat, if I eat this and the next recipe for souffle that has veg, protein and fat together does that meet the guidelines and how much of each recipe should I have at a time.



Ingredients for six muffins:
- 1 sweet potato
- 3 egg whites
- 2 large approved sausage links (I like Aidell's chicken apple sausage and you can even find it at Target and Walmart)
- Salt, pepper, garlic powder, or other seasonings of your choice


Serves 4
1 lb frozen sliced carrots 

1/4 cup coconut butter (I used two Artisana packets because I didn't want to buy a whole jar)

2 tsp apple pie spice*

2 eggs

Seeds from a 2" piece vanilla bean (can substitute 1.5 tsp vanilla extract if you are not on a Whole30)

Pinch salt

4 tsp shredded coconut for topping  



I used to be measure and weigh kind of gal so I am having difficulty trying to understand how recipes fit into the meal planning template.



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Both of these recipes look like single servings to me. For egg based muffins and casseroles I use the one serving of eggs is as many whole ones as I can hold without dropping rule to determine the portion size. For me that is 4 eggs. If there is other protein in the recipe (like sausage) I take that into consideration. Unless you pack them with vegetables you will almost always need a little extra on the side and if you want a touch more fat you can add some but if you use enough whole eggs you are probably fine.

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