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W30 on vacation can be done!


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I can't believe that I stay compliant (at least as far as I can tell) for a whole weeks vacation. My mom called me today to make sure I had made it home without problems. She said that she had gained 5 pounds! I am sure some of it is water weight (we both tend to swell in our feet and ankle - me up to my knees) when we travel. I am a bit puffy, but not as bad as usual. I wanted to badly to jump on the scale and see if I at least stayed the same..... Next weigh in and measurements - 14 days. I really can't wait!

What I learned on this trip:

1) You can eat w30 while on vacation and while traveling. Although I wouldn't recommend planning a vacation on your first w30, it can be done.

2) eating well requires planning

3) you can finish a vacation feeling good - not nauseous, bloated, constipated, etc from eating junk

4) going to a place where you are used to eating "Junk food" is not the easiest place to visit when you are being "good". Going home (where most of my family is) was always about food. We would go to my grandmas house (she is no longer living) and she would serve us kids cantaloupe filled with ice cream as the adults caught up on the family news. The thing is, as we ate the ice cream and hollowed out the cantaloupe half, she would add more ice cream! Then there was the ice cream stand, the candy store, and the bowling alley all us cousins would congregate. As we grew older, there was the bars, the popcorn store, the movie theater... and so on. I told my aunt on the last day that it was very strange to come into town and not go to Annie's Ice Cream...

5) Gas stations and rest areas will not have any healthy/compliant food.

6) My kids got a new appreciation of what I can't eat. DS bought a package of Oreo cookies to share and was surprised about all the ingredients that were "bad". He also wanted to stop at MCDs for dinner on the way home. Said I could have a grilled chicken because it was "just chicken". When I looked up and showed him the ingredient list, he was astounded. "Why do they put all that in chicken", he asked. I had no answer....

7) you can get a hotel/motel room with a fridge for no extra charge!

All in all, I think I did well. A couple bumps in the road, but easily manageable!

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