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A little experiment

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For 6 days I stuck to Whole 30 principles.  Since I started eating grains and sugar 4 years ago (I stuck to Whole 30 principles for 10 years and maintained my weight of 110 lbs), i have gained 12 lbs.  I am not overweight, but I am also not as lean as I used to be.  This morning, we had "bagel friday," which involves fresh rolled bagels from a NYC eatery.  I never eat bagels unless it is this day, because they don't make me feel great.  After 6 days, 1/4 bagel made me feel as though i am going to vomit.  I'm so nauseous, shaky, thirsty, feeling sick, that the only thing i can think to do is carry on with the whole 30 starting at this very minute.


Just WOW.

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