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Whole Lifetime :-)


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Well, today is Day 31 for me. Yeah!


I went Paleo three years ago before I knew what Paleo or Whole30 or any of this even existed. I ate what now know to be "strict paleo" and fairly low carb. (I did not have sweet potatoes or fruit for 6-9 months!). I felt REALLY good. All the stiffness in my joints went away, I had energy like never before, my sleep was restful, etc.


Then, I got laid off from my job and went almost a year without work and I still maintained. Then I got a very stressful temp job and things started to decline v e r y slowly. I started not feeling not well, even though by "normal standards" I was eating crazy healthy. But little tastes of "this and that", then I started eating yogurt again (yum!) and I felt terrible. And alcohol. I was no longer eating Paleo by any standards.


Fast forward and I decided having heard about the Whole30, I would do 30 days and get back to feeling good. And here I am! The 30 days flew by and I barely gave it a second thought most of the time. I feel great and have no desire to go back to my old ways. I do not lose an ounce (I guess I am a heathly weight, albeit, 5 pounds more than I would like!)


The only thing I plan to reintroduce is 1 Tbl grassfed butter everyday in my morning bulletproof tea.


I'm good. no GREAT! Thanks all for all the support by posting to these forums. It helps to see others struggles and acheivements!



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