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July 14 Support Thread

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Great news, Jenn! Congratulations on just everything! I feel exactly the same way you do: "feeling more in control of my food has led me to feel more in control of my life." That's the greatest achievement I have had so far - control.



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Betsie- I completely agree! The weight loss has been an added benefit- but definitely not the greatest thing to come out of the past 30 days. My self-esteem has always seemed to fluctuate based on how well I'm taking care of myself, and I feel great now. Even work being extra stressful the past month isn't getting to me like it would have before. I am so very thankful for it.


Jenna- I know what you mean! I haven't had anything non-compliant yet and am looking forward to continuing. I will let up a little bit, but will still follow the plan very closely. I'm going out to Thai with a cowoker tomorrow. I normally order green curry, which I'm not entirely sure is compliant, but full of good veggies and protein (shrimp). It's nice to not have to scruitinize every last ingredient, but still make a healthy choice (and skip the rice).


Thank you ladies for being here for this journey! It has been so nice to have others to talk to (virtually) that understand the journey, the ups and downs, and can all celebrate at the end. I am very thankful for the forums and all of you!



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We did it!!! Day 31 and I'm feeling pretty awesome and darn proud of myself. You all did great!! Thanks for putting up with me and supporting me through this journey. Boy did I learn ALOT!!



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Not sure if anyone is still checking this thread but I really need to share.


My scale was down 10 lb after successfully completing the Whole30. I was very pleased with that and after reintroduction of foods the number has slid back up a bit but not much. I didn't take measurements but I know there were good changes.


My biggest victory has been my bloodwork. I had a dr appointment today and I'm still floored by the changes.


In May, on my 39th birthday, I received a prescription for Crestor (cholesterol lowering drug). Here are the numbers justifying that:

Cholesterol, Total 215

HDL 34

Triglycerides 206

LDL 140

Chol/HDL Ratio 6.3


Every one of those numbers is way out of range. Today my blood work looked like this:

Cholesterol, Total 114

HDL 31 

Triglycerides 103

LDL 62

Chol/HDL Ratio 3.7


I've cried, happy tears, a lot today. Doing the Whole30 was tough as I was on vacation at my parents for the month and I traveled several times - lots of special occasions, eating out, etc. I feel totally vindicated for sticking to the plan and working so hard. I feel like I've finally established a positive feedback loop regarding my diet and health and I look forward to crafting plans for my future lifestyle. I'm so, so happy. I know that with some exercise I can get my HDL up to where I need it to be. And best of all, the doctor wants to cut back on the Crestor as my overall number is actually too low! 


I thank you all for sharing this journey. It's so much easier knowing there are others out there tackling the challenge. Best wishes for continued health and success for you all.

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