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It's my 5th day on the Whole30 and it's actually going quite well - oh it's nice to write that out, kinda takes the sting out of the crankiness.


Ok, so it's actually going quite well. I am not entirely new to eating whole foods and am doing this program because I want to quit my addiction to sugar and bread. I always know that I feel better when I don't eat added sugar and grains but have never been successful at getting them out of my diet - until now! 5 days :)


So, I am cranky today and have been for a couple of days. It doesn't help that I waited two hours for information at the Social Security office today that wasn't helpful and now that I'm home, they are renovating the apartment upstairs and it sounds like they're coming through the floor/my ceiling - arrgh.


Going for a walk, thanks for letting me vent.



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