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Start over?


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I'm on Day 7! WOOHOO! But...last night I realized that when I used some pesto that I had made some time ago had grated parmesan cheese in it...does that mean I need to start over? :( It was about a tbs on zucchini that I had made into vegetti. I'll be super bummed if I do. lol.


Have had some headaches over the weekend, but all in all. Feel FAB!  


Also can anyone tell me where the "your whole30 log" is located? i can't find it.

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Hi there!


Whenever you consume off-plan foods, our program guidelines suggest a restart.  The program is as much about awareness as it is ingredients. That said, there's often more at play than a simple yes or no. Check out this article for some more specific perspective:



Welcome and happy Whole30!

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