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Hi all, 


I started whole 30 around march, I was at a bottom and was off of depression meds for 6 months and started to feel terrible about life. At day 4 I felt amazing! I lost weight on whole 30 and felt great. Since I've gained the 10 lbs lost back and I started a new job closer to home to streamline my life. Well it's not going great here, as expected and hard to acclimate to the manager/culture. I feel at a new low, so I've decided to start whole 30 again, and see if this is what I need so I don't need to go to the depression meds, becuase those have lots of side effects. Since ending whole 30, I've been eating a lot of the same meals and eating this way 80% of the time, but I think for me to be effective in life, it's got to be about 98% of the time I eat whole 30 once initially done. I hope that if I start this that it's like I'm taking depression meds again after day 4 and that I feel amazing. My life couldn't feel more hopeless now, even though I have a lot of great things and know on the outside it's great. I have a job, 2 healthy girls, a wonderful husband. If I have to give up coffee with the sugar/milk and alchocl for a month so be it. And then I need to gradually put it all back in, instead of slowly. Tommorrow I'll be embarking again, any encouragement would be awesome!





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