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After Whole30 and after reintroduction - weight/body fat loss?


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I'm only on Day11 but as I continue on my journey I am thinking about what happens after 30 days and after reintroduction, and that is where I am confused (hopefully this is the right section of the forum).


Once food is reintroduced, u will know what yr food triggers are (so u can avoid them), and which foods are ok to eat (no reactions).  You continue on with yr new lifestyle based on what u learned in the last 30 days.


U continue to maintain your energy, good feelings, etc.  


And naturally, thru the food choices u make, will lose weight.  At a slower rate than a fad diet but steadily as you r eating healthy.


I know weight loss is not the main reason to do the W30 program but following the W30 I know I want to get down those last 10lbs (or last inch or so) and will continue with the Whole9 lifestyle - but will this help with the Loss?  I may have answered the question above but I keep doubting myself and thought I'd ask.  


I've read some of the success stories, but I maybe overthinking things and thought I'd pass it by people...



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 I know I want to get down those last 10lbs (or last inch or so) and will continue with the Whole9 lifestyle - but will this help with the Loss? 

This question can't be answered easily, because context matters so much, but here are some thoughts:


Whole30 eating will help you to get healthier, so if healthier for your body means weighing less, there is a good chance that you will continue to lose weight if you continue to eat this way.


Some people want to weigh less than is optimally healthy for their body (the "ideal" body according to western culture is probably underweight, rather than healthy), so expecting the last 10lbs or inch to come off eating this way might not be realistic. It depends on where you are now, and where you expect to end up.


Keep in mind that the large initial weight loss many people experience on the whole30 comes from shedding inflammation rather than pure body fat, so it is not realistic to expect the same rate of loss moving forward--slow and steady is the rule of the day here. That is better for maintenance long-term anyway, but worth knowing so your expectations are closer to reality.


Just know that if you feel good/better eating this way it is likely that you will continue to feel good by continuing to eat this way. You can make choices that result in feeling good, and that is a pretty powerful thing, regardless of how much you weigh now or in the future.

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