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I found SUGAR-FREE bacon in Seattle!!


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I went to order the sugar free bacon from US wellness meats and it was out of stock. Surprisingly, I went to the grocery store last night and checked AGAIN for bacon. I always check even though I've read every package a thousand times. We have a local co-op market called PCC here in Seattle and that's where I was shopping.

JOILA!!! A new sugar free bacon was there. It's by Pure Country. http://www.purecountryporkmarkets.com/

Not sure if you can order it online because it's from a farm here in WA state. But for all of you Seattle area Whole 30'ers, check out PCC for the bacon. It was $7 for the package, which I thought was reasonable. I ate it this morning and it was fantastic.

Just wanted to share!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm in Richland, WA and with a little digging I found they are a vendor at a food hub here! US Wellness sells out immediately and I can never get it in time, plus this is all gmo-free and free-range which makes me super happy:) Day 20 on the program and we finally get bacon, my husband is gonna be so happy!

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