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So, I went out to dinner with my boyfriend...


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He wnated to go to happy hour at a local steakhouse.  I've been there before and knew there was nothing that was compliant on the happy hour menu but I was pretty sure i could make something work off the regular dinner menu.  I let him know that if we went I was going to order off the regular menu and make substitutions to make my meal whole30 compliant.  He agreed and off we went.


He ordered a glass of wine, 2 mini burgers, chicken wings and a couple tuna tartar tacos (all really yummy stuff!)  His meal was $22 for all that.


I ordered a seared ahi steak with grilled leaks.  I explained whole30 briefly to the waiter, he took notes, went to the kitchen to discuss with the chef and came back to let me know that they usually use canola oil but would use olive on mine, leave the sauce off the veg and I was happy as a clam!  My meal was $24.


Then the waiter came back to let me know that they were leaving the cumin off my fish.  I assured him that cumin is fine (and even welcome) but my boyfriend butted in saying that we didn't need to big deal the fish and whatever they put on it was fine.


I was livid!!!  Now to be fair, that was on day 5... "Kill All The Things" but I let the waiter know I appreciated his attention to detail and my boyfriend know that he cannot belittle what I'm trying to do.  He explained that he was irritated that my meal was more expensive than his for WAY less food and his opinion not as good.  It was good.  Not an over the top decadent meal but I was satisfied...


Thanks for letting me vent but how would you have handled this situation? I don't think I'll be going out to diner for the next 22 days...<sigh>

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I probably would have handled it just the same as you did. Especially on day 5. I would have pointed out that sometimes quality is more important than quantity. I personally choose not to eat out when I do Whole30 for just these reasons, but I know it isn't reasonable for everyone. I think you did just fine!

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