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Just turn off the internet...


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I struggled with this issue during my Whole30, but now that I'm done it seems like the problem is just growing.  Basically I know that sleep is really important so I always plan a bedtime routine.  But no matter what, it seems that I just can't stick to it.  I end up doing chores or wasting away my time on the internet, and before I know it, my whole plan is shot and I'm late getting to bed.  I feel terrible the next day, but somehow that makes getting to bed on time even harder, and then I get stuck in an icky, sleep-deprived cycle.  


I know all the things you're supposed to do-- dark room, turn off the electronic devices, read etc. Once I get in bed and do all that I usually fall asleep ok, it's just getting to that point that's hard.  I might try charging my phone in the kitchen instead of next to my bed, but I do worry that if there's an emergency I won't hear a call.  Do you have any other suggestions or strategies for breaking this habit and getting in a good sleep routine?  

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It comes down to making a commitment to create a new bedtime routine, similar to making a commitment to do a Whole30.


Some suggestions:

- Write down all the reasons you want to get to bed by a certain time

- Create a new routine that will get you in bed by the time you select

- Commit to putting this routine in place, every day, for 30 days.

- Tell a friend you're going to do this and text them every morning with your nightly success

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