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Two Cool Apps!


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(This first one is a repeat for those on the July 14th thread)

1. Two Grand - it's like a food diary, except with photos! It has optional reminders about logging your food, but it's so quick and easy- just snap a picture, describe it if you want, and voila! You're done! Plus you can do searches by hashtags #whole30 and #iamwhole30. There are so many great ideas out there. Most everyone on the site is into eating healthy-most seem to be Paleo or whole 30; not all though. But it's great for inspiration and ideas:). (Feel free to find me on there (Twilightfirefly - goodness knows, I am not creative and love seeing all of these meals). Plus, it's FREEEEE!!!!

2. Checkout 51 - get money back for shopping! You get a list of offers they are reimbursing for, snap a picture of your receipt purchased in the time frame of the offer, and once you accumulate $20, they send you a check! Super easy! And they have offers on some produce. Some of the stuff you have to scroll through (the processed foods), but they also have cleaners, lip care products, bunches of non-food items, etc. they even accepted my Costco receipt! And one more good thing?? It's FREEEEE!

Okay, just thought I would share. Enjoy!!


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