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Lone ranger starting Thurs 17 July


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Hi everyone! 


I started yesterday my Whole30 'challenge' - though it doesn't seem that challenging! I'm still just happy to be eating meat again. 3 years of being veggo left my stomach in quite a state, esp compounded with stressful life circumstances last year. 


I'm 90% better, but need to go that extra 10% of healing which this month will give me. Here's to putting myself first!


Cheers champions,


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Hi Belinda,


Good for you! I just started on the 14th myself. Minor headache the past two days, but so far so good! I'm having fun experimenting with new recipes and finding things I really like (homemade mayo) and the stuff I'm not a big fan of (coconut cream in my coffee). Good luck to you! :)

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