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Whole30 2014: Preggo Edition!


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Guess who's back … back again?

Missmunchie's back … tell a friend!


Okay, so I've been on an old school Eminem kick lately. Please don't hold it against me.


I've spend the past year or so slowly sliding back to my old SAD ways (I actually bought granola the other week. WTH is wrong is me?) so it's time for a big ol' reset!


I tried to start a Whole30 at the beginning of July, and my husband was on board too. But I started it on the day of a travel week with a weekend trip right after, and although I tried to be complaint, it was impossible. Then I found out my husband, although eating the food I prepped, was still drinking his protein shakes after the gym and having his nightly scotch nightcap. So, yeah. Let's start over.


A word on where I'm at right now, life-wise: I started a new job last October that's about 25% travel. My project is finally wrapping up where I don't have any travel in the foreseeable future, so it'll make it easier to keep on track. Also, I'm five months pregnant (woot!) so I need to keep the momma-to-be nutritional requirements in mind. Fortunately, I don't have any food cravings or aversions (weird, right?) so I don't have that hurdle to mess with. Finally, I have been going through a lot of personal issues causing me a lot of stress lately. I don't really want to go into them on this forum, but they're causing me a lot of stress and as a result a lot of emotional eating and not sleeping very well. So I need to work through that, too.


I'm officially resetting on Monday, 7/21, since I just returned from my travels Sunday and haven't even made it to the grocery store all week. Which is fine, it's an opportunity to finish up all the non-compliant food (granola?) and get my meal plan ready for Monday. I have a grocery delivery arriving any minute now with all the vittles for my food prep.


I'm feeling really optimistic and a little nervous, since I've tried and failed a Whole30 so many times in the last year and a half. But I just need to commit and take it one meal at a time.


My Goals:

1) Finish it. 100% compliant, no excuses.

2) Focus on the big three: food, sleep, and fitness. In that order. I really need to start sleeping better (especially since Baby #2 comes in November, and since I already have one kid I know the sleep deprivation in store for me!)

3) Log/journal about it here and on my blog. Here for all the emotional warm fuzzy stuff, and on my blog for the practical what-I-put-in-my-mouth-today stuff. (http://emilyrockstheroad.com, if you're interested)


Since I'm pregnant, I'm not really into the whole lose-weight thing. I just want to feel better, get my energy back, and SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. My sleep was so rockstar great when I did my first w30 back in January 2013, and I really need to get back to that.


Groceries come today, and food prep tomorrow. Here's what I have planned:

- egg and veggie bake for quick breakfasts

- meatloaf

- boil eggs

- roast sweet taters

- roast zucchini/other veg

- roast spaghetti squash

- cut up raw veggies for salad

- try to make mayo again, and anticipate the crushing failure that I experience every time.

- cook ground beef and chicken for hot plates


I love this "new project/goal" feeling, don't you? Carpe diem! Seize the grass-fed glory of the day!


Edited to upload a copy of my meal plan for the week. I use a spreadsheet because I am a dork.


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Welcome back and congratulations! 


To increase your chances at success remember that you are going to need to eat a lot more than you have on your previous Whole30s. We recommend that pregnant and breastfeeding moms eat 4 template meals a day. If you have not already you might browse through some of the blogs posts Melissa made when she was pregnant.

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Halfway through Day 1, and great success so far. I'm a believer in the small wins :)


Meal 1 was a 3-egg scramble with mushrooms and zucchini, my favorite castelvetrano olives from the Whole Foods olive bar (my most favorite ever), and blueberries. 


I waited until I got to work to have my coffee. Usually I put cream or whole milk in it; this time we rocked it black. That will take some getting used to, and most likely will cause my to decrease my coffee consumption, which is probably not a bad thing.


Glad I waited for coffee. My heartburn was raging this morning! I'm foregoing my usual Tums for the sake of W30; I'm thinking my awful heartburn is more because of all the sugar/refined carbs I've been eating and less because of my pregnancy symptoms. I drank some lemon water with breakfast hoping it would ease up the symptoms. I'll try ACV next since I've heard good things about using it to balance out stomach acid.



Meal 2 is leftover from last week. I had some ground beef, green beans, 1/2 sweet tater, and coconut oil in the fridge from a lost lunch, and it's still good so we're rocking it today. I'm super hungry now and dreaming of jelly beans, so I'd better go fuel up before the real sugar dragon strikes!

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Last night the hubby surprised me with a night out. We went to a really nice Mexican restaurant. I'm sure the guacamole was compliant since they made it right at the table with fresh ingredients. So good. Hubby and I split the pork shank, which was cooked in all sorts of beans and creamed spinach. I did my best to eat around everything and just stick to the meat. It wasn't 100% compliant I'm sure, but I did the best I could. It's so rare that my husband wants to take me out to eat (without the kiddo!) I didn't want to say no.


Meal #1 was poached eggs and coffee at a local coffee shop. Again, hubby wanted to go out. Who is this man? He NEVER wants to eat out, he's perfectly happy with his usual breakfast of bacon 'n' eggs. Meh, I'm happy we got to spend some quality time together.


Meal #2 in the works right now - ground beef, zucchini, mushrooms, and some compliant pasta sauce I found along with some olives. I also snacked on some blueberries and cherries that were going bad while I cooked.


I finally caved and took a Tums this morning. I was up all night with wretched heartburn and couldn't stay sleeping sitting up anymore. I'm wondering if cutting out coffee will help my gut heal and make the heartburn go away.


So far, so good!

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