Where is the update program rules?


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I have someone who is going to start doing the Whole30 for the first time, and I want to make it easy as possible for them to get the info to get started. I clicked on the program rules and it went to the old page that says no white potatoes. I'm sure if I dig around, I'll find the updated program rules, but 1) wanted to point this out and 2) in case I can't find the updated rules, hopefully someone can just give me a link to it.


Sorry this is probably the wrong section to post this in. I wasn't sure where to put it!


Also, while we're at it, is there a great blog post that explains exactly why paleo-fied junk foods are out and why we want to break the whole emotional eating-junk food mindset? This person is having a very hard time understanding this concept and why it is really necessary. Apparently, I suck at explaining this to them! ;-)



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I found them lower on the front of page of the site (when I finally bothered to scroll down), but the link in the drop menu at the top goes to the old rules, FYI to those in charge of fixing that.

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