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My husband and I just completed day 6.  Things are going well, but I'm struggling with the fat serving.  This week, its been entirely either macadamia nuts and guacamole!  I tried making almond butter (fail, trying again), and coconut butter (either a fail, or I just don't like it).  And we both hate olives.


Does the oil we cook food in count?  I'm assuming not, but wanted to check.


Any other suggestions?

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Some of the oil you cook with may count, if it's absorbed into the food and you actually eat it. Some things -- like scrambled eggs -- do tend to absorb a lot of oil. Other things, like fried eggs, if you look at the pan once you're done cooking, most of the oil is still there, so you're not really consuming it.


Coconut butter was weird to me, not horrible, but not something I've bought again after the first jar. Just not my thing. Maybe it isn't yours either.  I'm told that there are different kinds of olives and if you don't like one kind, that doesn't mean you can't find a kind you do like -- but I still don't like the ones I've tried. I keep trying, I'd like to like them, but the only way I can tolerate them is chopped up finely and mixed with something with lots of other flavors. So, anyway, I get that dislike. 


Other suggestions -- eat meat that isn't as lean. Ghee or clarified butter -- you can buy ghee or make either one yourself. Make mayonnaise, it goes with everything. Drizzle olive or avocado oil over your vegetables. Put coconut oil or ghee on baked sweet potatoes. Coconut milk or coconut cream drizzled over fruit or mixed into coffee or tea. Coconut flakes, unsweetened, obviously, and make sure yours don't have sulfites (or is it sulfates? I get them confused) in them, as some dried fruits do. If you can find compliant bacon, that's a fat source. Look for sauce recipes that are based on mayo, nut butters, or oils (sunshine sauce from is popular, or ghee-based hollandaise sauce, or cheese-free pesto -- there are tons of others, just google paleo sauces). Salad dressings -- even if you're not actually having a salad, they could be dip for raw vegetables, or you could drizzle them over cooked veggies or even to dip meats in for an extra burst of flavor. (I do this sometimes when I've overcooked meat and it's dry -- dip it in olive oil with herbs or in some mayo and it's much more edible.)

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Seconding the coconut flakes, they're my go-to fat :-)


Also try Tahini dressing on meat or veggies.


Did you roast your almonds when you tried making almond butter? Mine always goes better when I do. I still sometimes need to add a bit of coconut oil to bring it together. Cashew butter is yummy too.

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