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Whole 30: determined to change.


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I did my first Whole 30 in May 2013 and did it perfectly. It really changed the way I eat and I had no interest in junk until the Holidays hit. The. Things got really stressful at work and I just let it go. I tried a few Whole 30s and never made it past a week. Last week I woke up realizing all my old inflammation and fatigue was back and I was 25 lbs heavier and life was not as much fun as it was last summer and I started that day.

I rocked my first week even though I was out of town and attending a class all day. I ate eggs and zucchini for breakfast everyday and salad with chicken, strawberries, blueberries, almonds and avocado for lunch. I never got tied of it and even ate it for dinner some nights. I also made taco meat for taco salad for dinner and followed the template. I crashed driving home and had packed tuna and veggies but lost my can opener so ended up eating a chopped salad at subway then a few cookies when I got home (cashew based and sweetened with dates but definitely still a cheat. I am not starting over though if that is my only mess up. As I think I would have eaten everything I could have over the weekend and restarted Monday if I told myself I had to do that. I know by the end I won't want to stop anyway.

I'm feeling much better. My inflammation is down and body aches are less. I was able to walk almost 4 miles yesterday after dealing with a pulled calf that stopped me from even walking a mile for a month now. I think I'll be running by next week. My clothes are not fitting any better though and I'm feeling frustrated by that. I'm acknowledging I had a pretty sedentary week with travel and class though and hoping for some change this week.

Yesterday's meals:

Breakfast: two eggs, sweet potatoes and zucchini cooked in coconut oil.

Lunch: blueberries and a Laura Bar (this was really bad for me and I almost lost it before dinner was ready. I was unexpectedly not home over lunch)

Dinner; coconut curry with chicken, carrots, zucchini, and cauliflower.

Snack around campfire 1 cup cherries.

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Sunday meals

B: left over curry

L: 1/2avocado with 1 hard boiled egg over lettuce and tomatoes.

Snack: spoon of Almond butter and blueberries

D: left over curry

Still feeling bloated and frustrated. Getting serious about workouts tomorrow.

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Today is going to be a hard one. I woke up angry and feeling hung over. I am on cup two of coffee and am going to have to force myself to make breakfast. I had the most amazing day yesterday just playing and relaxing with my husband while watching my son and nephew play at a natural area on the shore of Lake Superior. I thought I'd be relaxed and refreshed but I'm exhausted but can't sleep. I'm go it to start by eating a hard boiled egg then cleaning my kitchen which was left a disaster for packing a cooler yesterday then coming home eating leftovers and crashing. Then I'll make some soup to have on hand for meals and cut some veggies up for me to eat as well.

Breakfast: leftover cury - saw it when I was reaching for the egg and it made me very happy.

Lunch: leftover cury- I don't know why but I just wanted it again and I just finished cleaning my kitchen so I can cook.

Dinner: taco meat with peppers and tomatoes over lettuce . Topped with guacamole . Blueberries

The day turned out well despite the bad start. I didn't want to snack at all. I think I'm starting to even out now where I don't crash so hard. Bad day for exercise though. I managed to go for a quick swim but otherwise didn't even get a walk in.

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Today is pretty good so far. Woke up feeling energetic and ready to face the world.

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs and roasted asparagus both cooked in coconut oil

Lunch: I was leaving and not that hungry but knew I would be there in an hour so I ate a small amount of taco meat and left over asparagus with guac before I left and when I got home ate some smoked trout and lettuce with oil and vinegar. I was going to a resort town and grocery shopping so I knew the temptation would be huge if I got hungry.

Dinner:hamburger with mustard, pickes, jicama, strawberries, and broccoli , and just a few bites of roasted potatoes the rest of my family was eating. Not doing white potatoes again I was ready to eat the entire pan so they don't work for me.

Ran to the lake for a swim after dinner. I'm feeling good.

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Yesterday was great!

Breakfast: left over curry

Lunch: smoked trout, jicama, blueberries, green olives

Dinner: 2 hamburgers with mustard, jicama, pickles, bowl of chicken soup with zucchini, kale,carrots. (I didn't eat until 9pm which was not good but I was at a meeting- I was really hungry when I got home.

I'm feeling really really good. I was able to run a mile with no pain after hardly walking all summer because of an injury that would not heal. I could have done more but I'm still afraid to reinjure it so I will build up slowly and supplement with swimming.

I have turned a corner in my cravings and food desires. I had purchased uncured bacon without additives but it had sugar. Standard bacon makes me sick within hours but I knew this would not. I had thought "what is a little sugar anyway" if I only eat it in bacon it won't matter." I don't want it anymore and put it in the freezer(I never ate any of it). It is only 30 days and eating it would only rob me of the full benefit. I knew this would come. After I finished my last whole 30 I walked through the candy isle laughing and feeling so good that it all grossed me out. I know this Whole 30 will be even more life changing than the last because I have thought hard about how I ended up here again and let all the foods that make me sick back in my life. I know that I felt the best I have felt my whole life when I was eating clean and fell hard into pain, depression, and fatigue when I didn't and I want to feel like this and better from now one. I still miss the comfort of biting into a cookie, or sandwich, crave the sugar in a BBQ, and would love to get a sugary coffee with my friend but I know there are many other more satisfying feeling out there like trail running in the woods, swimming with my kids, walking with a good friend. I'm feeling so good about moving forward!

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7-24. Good day. I felt really good.

Breakfast: chicken ginger soup (bone broth, chicken, zucchin,i carrots, parsnips, kale, ginger, garam Marsala, coconut milk)

Lunch chicken ginger soup and 1/2 Avocado

Dinner- hamburger with mustard, pickles, jicama, blueberries

I did not drink enough water all day and by dinner I was over hungry and dehydrated. I should of had more veggies for dinner.

I did not work out but was pretty active most the day.

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7-25. Woke up with a headache probably from lack of water yesterday. Today I need to be positive. I'm going to a festival. There will be tons of food and lots of special food revolving around blueberries but I'm guessing there won't be a simple bowl of blueberries anywhere. Eating before I go and focusing on spending time with my mom and enjoying the art.

Breakfast: two eggs and asparagus

Lunch: hamburger, lettuce, tomato, onions, mushrooms, and guac

Dinner: two local made brats, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, blueberries, strawberries

The day went pretty well. I'm feeling good. I'm trying to adjust my expectations of body changes to be more realistic. Last time my body really changed and this time it is not. I have to just be happy I'm pain free again and enjoy it.

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I'm halfway and almost crashed today. Well I kind of did. I am exhausted. It is probably hormones.

Breakfast: chicken ginger soup

Lunch : Italian chicken sausage with peppers, blueberries

Snack: two spoons almond butter and banana , I just needed something, I was feeling horrible and it was the first thing I could grab

Dinner: hamburger, broccoli, roasted potatoes. I ate way to many potatoes. It was all I wanted for dinner so I should have known better. White potatoes are a bad thing for me and I usually don't even have them in the house. I'm going to bed early and hoping to feel better tomorrow.

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Breakfast: chicken ginger soup

Lunch : left over roast and raw veggies

Dinner: left over roast, fried sweet potatoes, and brocoli? Blueberries


Breakfast: cherries, I didn't feel good

Lunch: banana, almond butter, can of sardines ( did not plan because I didn't feel well but it kept me going

Dinner: pork chops, roasted potatoes, sliced red peppers

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Breakfast: 1 cup cherries, 2 eggs, half avocado

Lunch: Pork chop, half avocado,banana, lettuce with oil and vinegar

Dinner: Spaghetti Sauce with hamburger over broccoli, cherries

Snack: spoon almond butter


I did not feel well today either.  I was up all night with a stomach ache last night.  I had little appetite today except for cherries.  I can't get enough cherries and blueberries.  I also used the last of my veggies in the house today.  I will need to stock up again tomorrow so I have more choices and start eating more.  


I went for a nice fast hike today but did not work out.  Will schedule it tomorrow.  Hoping for a good nights sleep and to feel better tomorrow.  Last time I did this the last two weeks were easy but I'm not feeling the magic right now.  I have to stick closer to the template and make sure I'm eating regularly from now on. 

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Breakfast: hamburger, broccoli, roasted sweet potatoes

Lunch: meat stick, blueberries

Dinner: roast beef, baked potato which coconut oil, lettuce with vinegar

Poor day for veggies again. I pretty much forgot to eat lunch and I was not hungry at dinner. I woke up feeling icky but felt better by noon. I went shopping and loaded up on veggies for tomorrow.

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Breakfast: hamburger with mustard, zucchini cooked in coconut oil

Lunch: chicken curry with zucchini, broccoli and red peppers

Dinner, left over roast and watermelon

I was not hungry for dinner but everyone else was starving. I cut up watermelon to eat with our meal and ate some pieces and ended up too full toeat anything g besides a piece of roast.

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I feel like I have been cheating for some reason.  I'm not sure why.  I have to really look deep to find the magic that is happening.  I am feeling rotten.  I had the most horrific PMS I have ever had in my life.  I was in a lot of pain.  I am still struggling with some other issues as well but my body feels so out of wack.  I should probably see a doctor but I moved this year and am nervous to go to a new doc who may degrade me when my past doc was so supportive and really supported me through my last whole 30 and was going try it our herself.  


I am still sooooo bloated.  Last time I did the Whole 30 my clothes were dropping off me by this point.  My pants were tight yesterday.  


So I've whined about what is not working. What is working.

1. My body does not hurt like it did before.

2. My head does not hurt.

3. I am more efficient because my brain is working better.

4. I'm motivated and my attitude is better.

5. I'm enjoying people I'm around more.

6. I am not scared to try new things.  I even started a remodeling project in my house that I own.  Usually I help my husband and I just started this one by myself and am asking him or looking stuff up if I need it.

7.I'm happy to be eating this way again.  It was the norm for most the year and a couple months really threw me off.  


Things I may be doing to cheat myself from the best results:

1.  Not eating all my meals to template.  About once a day I've just had protein and fruit and usually eaten standing up doing something else or staring at a computer screen.

2.  Eating too much fruit and too much almond butter.  I think I often forget that I ate some almond butter and a banana and don't even log it.  I'm going to log as a eat over the next week and see if that helps.

3.  I did eat a noncompliant meal after the first week.  It was chicken at subway  and some cookies when I was traveling.  I didn't call it a start over because I knew I would eat junk all weekend then and make the start Monday and I didn't know if I would even be able to start again.  So really I am only halfway through instead of 3/4.  There is plenty of time for the magic to happen.

4.  I am not working out consistently.  I got out of the habit when I got hurt and have not gotten back in it.  Making the commitment of an hour focused on fitness for the next 7 days because I know after that I will crave it.  I've been making excuses that I'm really active during the day, I'm ripping out walls and flooring and caring heavy stuff all day but it is not enough.  I really need to focus on the core strength I lost.    

5.  I'm focusing too much on what I look like.  I'm embarrassed that I was a sz 4 last fall and a sz 12 now.  I want it all to go away but I need to just be happy with what my body is doing now and give it time to heal.  I was not very nice to it.  I am going back to work (teaching) in two weeks and kept thinking I could wear my work clothes from last fall but I won't be able to.  I just need to accept it.


Today's food

Breakfast: Hamburger with mustard and a heaping pile of broccoli roasted in coconut oil.  (I've been craving hamburgers and using what meat we have in the freezer I am used to venison but we don't have any this year.  This meat might be too fatty.  I'm going to seek out some leaner cuts of meat.)


Lunch: Chicken Curry with broccoli, zuchini, and peppers, plum


Dinner:  Meatza topped with broccoli and peppers, broccoli slaw with blueberries, olive oil, and vinegar, roasted kale.

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Woke up feeling good today! I love how much better my brain is working.

I need to plan for the week. I am going to a conference for two days this week where we will stay at a retreat center. This place is known for really good gourmet food and I've loved everything I've eaten there. Most of it is locally sourced. Last time I was there I was actually exposed to several things I had never eaten. I am guessing I'll be able to eat some of it at meals(I want to be social)and then I'll pack some food to keep in a cooler in my room to supplement.

Breakfast: Hamburger and Broccoli left overs

Lunch: Chicken curry left overs (oops I went to eat this and decided to go for a run and work out instead then decided we should run to the lake for a swim and I never actually ate lunch)

Dinner: Hamburger, Kale, Brussel Sprouts, fresh picked wild blueberries and raspberries, baked potato with coconut oil

I felt great today, ran/walked 30 minutes (Ran 1.5 miles then ran back, recovering from an injury so I'm building back up) then did Physique 57 30 min workout, then swam for an hour (for fun). I have a headache. Probably the result of a skipped lunch. I can't believe I never noticed I didn't eat until I went to eat dinner and saw the curry.

I am planning food now and shopping tomorrow and will ditch all the hamburger this week to see if it helps.

Ended up adding a snack. I was so thirsty and kept drinking glass after glass of water to the point I could not drink any more. I had a bowl of watermelon and felt better.

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Breakfast: Left over curry

Lunch: Left over curry- I really think I could eat curry for every meal for 30 days and not get sick of it. Strange?

Snack: Raspberries in soda water and ice sipped in the sun.

Dinner: fresh caught bass baked, roasted potatoes, roasted kale

Workout: 30 min Physique 57

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Breakfast - 2 eggs and kale cooked in coconut oil

Lunch- compliant beef stick, carrots, walnuts (lunch on the go)

Dinner- Tomato soup ( beef bone broth, tomato sauce, coconut milk), smoked salmon, raw broccoli


Breakfast- tomato soup

Lunch: smoked salmon, lettuce with oil and vinegar,

Dinner: steak, roasted potatoes, kale

Snack: plum

Workout: swimming

I had a a hard time eating today. I had no appetite until I was done swimming then I grabbed a plum but should have gone for protein. The plum was really satisfying though . Is there enough protein in bone broth to count if I don't add meat? The soup for breakfast was perfect but I didn't want anything else. I think iit could even replace my coffee.

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  • Breakfast: Tomato Soup
  • Lunch: Beef Stick, Bannana
  • Dinner: Salad with chicken, blueberries, olives, tomatoes, and zucchini
  • Snack: Almond butter and celery and a plum

I did not plan well enough for today.  We got to our conference so late I didn't have time to eat lunch so scarfed down what I had in my bag.  My salad for dinner was good but it left me really hungry later in the evening.  Probably from lunch so I ate what I had in my bag. I'm gone overnight.  I have two more salads for tomorrow but I forgot my breakfast.  Hoping to get some eggs for breakfast.

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Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs, grapefruit, smoked salmon

Lunch: salad with chicken, eggs, zucchini, mixed greens, oil and vinegar

Dinner: scrambled eggs with potatoes and spinach, plum

I am exhausted tonight, I made it through the conference compliant but I think I was way too carb. I had crazy cravings on the way home too but I got home 2 hours after I usually eat dinner and it was kind of a stressful conference.

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Day 21! This was not a good start to the day. There is no food in the house and I'm exhausted. I didn't make the best choice for breakfast but I really enjoyed it. I'm going to the store and then really bulking up my veggies for the next 10 days. I am having trouble sourcing good veggies since I moved to the middle of nowhere. I moved from a farming area to a wilderness area with rocky/sandy soil. I did not get a garden in this year and I'm missing it. Our farmers market has been really slim. I'm hoping to connect with people with gardens and get some good stuff. I also have really overindulged in wild berries and think I need to freeze a ton now instead of eating them all. I am still really inclined to sweet now and remember last time that shifted for me. I need that shift to combat the sugar dragon.

Breakfast: banana and tablespoon almond butter

Lunch: lettuce roll up with steak and mustard. (On the run and not enough veggies and fat)

Dinner: scrambled eggs with spinach, zucchini, and potatoes.

I was only able to get spinach and zucchini at the little store in town. I think I'll be able to drive the 40 minutes into town tomorrow to get some decent veggies tomorrow. I keep trying to get people who are bragging about their gardens to sell me some but they all seem to think I'm crazy. Wish I had time to prepare a garden for next year right now. I might try for a big pot and lettuce herbs anyway this year.

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Day 22

Breakfast: Eggs and potatoes (my husband made them with no veggies as I was running out the door

Lunch: Tomato soup 

Dinner:  Taco Salad, taco beef, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, quac


I'm getting a little disgruntled.  I know I feel better but I'm still struggling.  I'm not feeling the magic like last time.  I have had one infection after another that I think was started by an allergic reaction.  I am seeing no change in my body.   I also had intense brain fog today.  I could hardly function when out shopping with my husband.  I'm wondering if it is stress.  I've got so much going on.  I have not made time for workouts again this week because I've been traveling, remodeling my house, or putting my school back together or sitting on the couch working on an online class. I have to figure out how to relax or this year is going to be nuts.  I just keep feeling resentful that I'm the same size as I was when I was eating all the junk everyone else is eating all around me.  

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Day 24

Breakfast: Smoked White Fish and a banana 

Lunch:  Taco meat and zucchini over roasted potatoes with guac

Dinner:  Same as lunch


I have to make a better plan with breakfast.  I have not been able to find any local farm eggs and I've been eating only those for the last couple years.  It is really hard to go back to eating store eggs.  I will plan on making soup to have for breakfast tomorrow.  


I'm getting sick of drinking coffee.  I might switch to tea and see if I can eventually get off caffeine all together.  Maybe when I actually get to stay home one weekend and can handle the headache.  I'm down to a cup in the morning from drinking my entire pot.  


I tore up flooring and ripped the rest of the paneling off the walls in my house today.  We will get our carpet down now and put everything back and it will be nice to be back to normal and able to cook easier.

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Days 25 and 26

I can't remember what I ate day 25 besides taco salad.

Day 26

Breakfast 2eggs zucchini and left over potatoes

Lunch: Half can tuna and half avocado wrapped in lettuce

Dinner: Beef roast and roasted broccoli.

I am not feeling the need to snack at all. I am also doing really well without fruit. I am not getting enough veggies though. I thought no fruit would help me eat more veggies but I just get full and don't want to eat. That says something about what fruit does to my apatite. I have bone broth cooking and will make some soup full of veggies. I think that will help.

I'm feeling great. Eating like this feels normal now. I really have been thinking about how much I like the peramiters. I really struggle without them. I'm done Sunday and Monday is my sons birthday. I'll make him a grain free cake and eat a little. Otherwise I am going to keep going. I might add some butter, sour cream, and goat cheese eventually as those are the only things I really miss and see how I feel but I need to keep ther parameters longer to make sure I don't end up back where I was again.

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Day 27

Breakfast: eggs with potatoes and zucchini

Lunch: beef roast, carrots

Dinner: at school open house compliant brat, sourkrout, watermelon, tomatoes, lettuce (nice to work in a place that celebrates healthier foods than most school)

Day 28

Breakfast: beef stick, banana(woke up late for important meeting)

Lunch: 2 brats, lettuce, tomato, watermelon

Dinner: steak, zucchini cooked in coconut oil, roasted potatoes

Felling good. Clothes are feeling better finally. Two more days. I think they will be the hardest.

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