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Whole30 recommended dining facilities in Columbus OH (preferably near convention center/arena)


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You can try doing a search for "paleo restaurants columbus, oh".  there were a lot of sites that showed up but I can't get to them right now because of the network restrictions where I work.  Eating out on Whole30 is not easy but can be done...


If there are steak restaurants, you can order a steak but let the server know no butter or seasoning other than salt and pepper (a lot of restaurants finish steaks off with butter and if they use a seasoning mix, chances are it has sugar).  If the inquire why, let them know you have dietary restrictions.  Get a salad with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the side.  Steamed veggies or a baked sweet potato if they offer them.


If you like Japanese, sashimi is a great choice.  Most places serve it with shredded daikon radish which adds a nice refreshing flavor without having to use soy sauce.  If you order a salad, make sure you ask what's in the dressing or order it without the dressing. 


Are you able to take your own EVOO and Balsamic on the trip?  The easiest food to find will be salads but with your own dressing.


Some delis have hard boiled eggs for sale if you are not in a situation where you can make them ahead of time and put in a fridge in your room. Ask the hotel if there are fridges in the room or if they have them available to put in during your stay. Having this as an option can help you a lot.

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