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complex carbs every meal?


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I have yet to get the book, it's is not available in my super small town. I'm sure a lot of my answers are in there but until I get it I hope it's ok to ask on here. Following the sheet it shows no area for a complex carb in your meal, therefore do u skip the sweet potato or carb while following the 30 day? Anyone willing to share a simple example of breakfast, lunch and dinner idea. I have my pre and post work out ideas down. Thanks in advance

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Vegetables are your carb source for your Whole30 meals.  Do you have a copy of the recommended meal template


You don't have to buy the book to follow the program. Everything you need you can access starting here: http://whole30.com/new/


Typical meals for me:
- breakfast: some sort of breakfast frittata or casserole that has at least eggs and veggies, sometimes with meat added too (ground beef or compliant sausage).

- lunch: salmon salad with homemade mayo, celery, and a baked sweet potato topped with homemade mayo

- dinner: anything that fits the meal template goes. Tonight it was compliant chili topped with guacamole, served with a side tomato salad.

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