whole 30 without refrigeration?


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I have searched here and done several Google searches using keywords and phrases like "backpacking" and "camping" and "no refrigeration", as well as searched different camping and travel threads here, so I do not think this has been addressed before. If i am wrong, please give me a hint, and delete me :-)

I am day 21 of whole 30 and am doing it with no refrigeration, just two insulated 5 gallon buckets with ice. The ice is an expensive measure for long term, so after my 30 days I really need to try to function without it. Anyone else ever done this? Any ideas if YOU had to do it?

I am thinking of root veggies and unwashed eggs. Jerky when I am in the desert and can dry meats on the dashboard. Canned veggies and fish and meats. Nuts and ghee and coconut butter....larabars and fruit sparingly....

any thoughts?

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Abby, that was perfect! Thank you! I got some great ideas. I basically live in a van. The refrigerator at my home base just died, so I have been able to use coolers for the preliminary whole 30. Keeping that up indefinately will be too expensive...ice on the road can be way pricey....so I need more ideas for doing Long stretches without refrigeration. I won't always have access to a grocery for fresh foods, so inspiration for those in between times will help....

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hoboknitter, do you have room for, or experimented with a pot-in-pot? My step-mom lives without refrigeration and uses a pot-in-pot for food storage. You could make it more portable if you had some sort of rolling cart, like maybe one of those grocery baskets? I used to live on the road in a van too, and understand you probably have very limited amount of space, but this could possibly replace one of your coolers. 

Edited to say that these are also called "zeer pots", if you decide to research it a bit. I found this zeer pot video on Youtube to have some helpful info: 

Something my step-mom does is open up the pot at night when the temp drops, then cover it back up in the a.m. before it starts to warm back up. 
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