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Doing this for me!


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I've been on every kick you can imagine.  Ideal Protein - (lost a ton of weight but it was super spendy), Carb cycling, and the latest Advocare - I do love their spark but no more.I get sucked into the "take this product and watch your body change".   I've decided i've spent so much $$ on this stuff why not just try eating food. 


I started lifting weights in April and supplemented with lots of protein shakes and quest bars.  I'm hoping with the whole30 and my continued time at the gym I will see the results I'm looking for.  To tone up muscles and decrease my bf to 17%.


So here's to day 1 -


Breakfast 6am

3 eggs scrambled in Coconut Oil - added diced onions, red peppers and guac

1 cucumber sliced


10:30 - getting hungry - had a hard boiled egg


11:30 lunch

Salad topped with onions, red peppers, chicken breast and guac.

2 sliced cucumbers


Pre WO - 2 yolks

Post WO - 2 eggwhites



Chicken breast

1 sweet potato

Cucumbers and celery.


Live in a very small town - so I buy what we have available until I get to a bigger town.  Am I missing anything in the food department?  Fat with dinner but I will prob top my chicken with guac until I try to clarify my butter.


Feeling good - hoping after my afternoon workout I will feel the same.......my gym time usually gives me more energy so we shall see.

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Guest Andria

Good for you for deciding to take the real food approach!  It will certainly be more likely to provided you with lasting benefits that those other diets can not produce.


Just curious, why are you seeking 17% bf?? That is AWFULLY low for a female.  That is a level usually only attained by female athletes and  possible those using calorie restriction.  It could be too low and cause you hormonal issues (i.e., loss of period = not good).  Of course, everyone is different and maybe it will be an A-OK level for you.  With that said, I am sure you have read that this program is not a weight loss plan, let alone a get-lean plan, so I wouldn't want you to get your expectations too high (in the body fat department, that is).


Best of Luck :)


ETA: your food choices look good as long as you are eating the appropriate amounts (i.e. 1-2 palm size protein, etc)

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looks good!


for pre work out, have a couple whole eggs (protein=whites, fat=yolks)

for post work out, (protein and starchy veg) have egg whites (or chicken or whatever) with starchy veg (I like sweet potato baby food packets - proportioned, easy to eat and most people think its applesauce).


Welcome to the journey!

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I've been 20% bf but still had the jiggly loose skin. My goal is to tighten and tone. Maybe I shldnt base this on bf. I'm hoping to get everything I need from food and stop wasting $$ on protein shakes and supplements.

I just have the 17% in ny head as a goal for the gym. I wld be happy with 19%. I've never had an issue with my period, etc b4 but I was only at 20.3% bf.

I have to set goals - it helps me stay focused, maybe I will set it at 18.6% :)

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