My Whole30 Adventure


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Day one is going well. I did my prep yesterday first by taking the grocery list to Sam's Club and buying approved foods. Then when I got home I cut, chopped, sliced, cleaned and put everything in portions for the week. After that I was tired but thought ahead and made myself and my honey a salad while I was prepping.


Today when I was ready to leave for work, I only had to grab my salad, veggies, and fruit for the day and I was off.



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Day 2 - I ate good food again but I was hungry pretty much all day. i dont think I ate enough protein.


Day 3 - Packing food in ziploc baggies has been my saviour. It is still going very well and I wasnt hungry all day. Walked 2.5 miles at lunch.


Day 4 - having lunch out with my daughter (also on the program) and a friend. Hopefully I can find something good to eat or else I will just drink water and eat when I get back.

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