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Wrist Tendonitis after Whole30

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Hi Everyone,


One of the reasons I was interested in Whole30 was to eliminate my wrist tendonitis. I completed my first Whole30 on 6/24/14 and about 2 weeks in the tendonitis pain went away. Since then I have completed the reintroduction protocol and tested gluten, dairy, legumes, and non-gluten grains. I have also occasionally have had wine and sugar. During my "testing" phase I did not notice any major interactions or issues. Since then I have continued to eat mostly Whole30 with an occasional off-Whole30 ingredient but without much tracking. My wrist tendonitis has come back over the last week or so and I am having a difficult time pinpointing what food(s) may be the issue. When I tested the foods there wasn't any noticeable pain but now with either the combination of foods or the increase in intake my wrist pain is back. :( 


Does anyone have any suggestions regarding how to figure this out without doing another Whole30? Are there any foods that are more likely to result in joint pain/inflammation? 


Thank you!

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Unfortunately, reintroductions are a blunt instrument that provide only the most basic information. Many issues related to food are subtle and easy to miss until you become a great detective and even then you may require months of trial and error efforts to figure out the puzzles. 


There is a good chance that the volume of off plan foods you have begun to consume makes a difference. You may get away with eating something once or twice in a month, but maybe not once or twice a week. 


I took more than 3 years to figure out the puzzle of my sleep. It turns out that consumption of dairy messes with my sleep AND I need to eat starchy veggies regularly to maintain good sleep. I did not try very hard with reintroductions, so I am sure I could have solved the puzzle sooner if I had been methodical in my testing, but these things can take time.


You may not have to remove foods from your diet an entire 30 days to get back into testing phase. Try doing a Whole7 or 14 until your wrist is better and then start testing again. 

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