Starting my second Whole30 tomorrow


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I was here before, and was very happy with my results.  I've been on and off of being good and bad for the last two months, and it's time to start this again.  


My start date is going to by July 23rd, which is tomorrow morning.  *yay*  I tried to keep to the diet, but there are too many temptations.  I find that the structure of this diet is great for keeping me on track and happy.  I have a lot of the food already, because I never really went too far off the path, so I'm going to start tomorrow all prepared.  I'm just cutting out the foods I don't want to eat.


Hi again!

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My start date was July 22 and I've been doing great food wise but the stomach pains I've had for the past 5 days are terrible, its makes me wonder if I have an ulcer of some sort. I don't even want to eat anymore because of the pain it brings. HELP!!

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